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Beside and amazing menu of Korean and Seafood Delights, indulge yourself in our Deserts , Bubble Tea and Drinks!
Korean Pastry
    • Korean Street Food

    • Calimari



      Experience the sensational taste of our fried calamari at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Freshly sourced and delicately battered, our calamari rings are fried to golden perfection. Served with a zesty dipping sauce, these tender and crispy delights are a must-try for seafood lovers.




      Eokmuk Guk is a traditional Korean soup featuring delicious rice cakes, seafood, and seaweed. At Mukbang Shows Restaurant, we prepare it with authentic flavors, creating a comforting blend that pairs perfectly with rice.

    • GIMBAP



      Gimbap is a beloved Korean dish featuring perfectly cooked and seasoned rice at its core. Rolled with various fresh ingredients such as vegetables, meats, or seafood, and wrapped in a sheet of seaweed, this rice-centric delicacy offers a harmony of flavors and textures. It's a versatile meal, perfect for on-the-go snacks or elegant gatherings. At Mukbang Shows Restaurant, we take pride in creating gimbap that captures authentic tastes, serving joy in every bite

    • Gimmari



      Gimmari, a popular Korean delight, features crispy, deep-fried seaweed rolls filled with glass noodles and seasoned to perfection. At Mukbang Shows Restaurant, we craft our Gimmari with a blend of authentic Korean flavors and a unique twist. Experience this crunchy, savory treat

    • Kimchi



      Kimchi, a staple in Korean cuisine, is a fermented blend of cabbage, chili peppers, garlic, and other spices. Often served with rice, it's the perfect accompaniment, adding a flavorful kick. This rich, tangy dish is not only a delicious side to your rice meals but is also packed with vitamins and probiotics. Experience the taste sensation at Mukbang Shows Restaurant with our special Kimchi and rice pairing




      Experience the vibrant flavors of Korea with Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Kimchi Jeon, a sizzling pancake delicacy crafted with fermented kimchi and fresh ingredients. Our special rice flour batter creates a crispy texture that pairs perfectly with the tangy and spicy taste of kimchi. Get it at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    • MANDU ( Fried Or Steamed)

      MANDU ( Fried Or Steamed)


      Indulge in the authentic taste of Korean Mandu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, where we bring a fusion of flavors to your plate. Our Mandu is delicately crafted with premium ingredients, including a perfect blend of rice, vegetables, and meat. Served with a side of savory dipping sauce, our rice-filled Mandu promises a flavorful experience that celebrates the richness of Korean culinary tradition

    • Shrimp Dynamite

      Shrimp Dynamite


      Indulge in the explosion of flavors with our Shrimp Dynamite at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. This tantalizing dish features succulent shrimp, perfectly marinated and fried to golden perfection, served over a bed of aromatic jasmine rice. The combination of spicy dynamite sauce and the subtle sweetness of the shrimp creates an unforgettable culinary experience




      Tteokbokki, a popular Korean dish at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, features chewy rice cakes cooked in a spicy and savory sauce. The rice cakes are made from soft rice flour, giving them a unique texture that's both satisfying and delightful. Paired with our restaurant's special blend of flavors, the rice ingredient brings a comforting touch to this exotic dish




      Indulge in the flavors of Korea with Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Haemul Pajeon. This savory pancake, infused with succulent seafood and fresh scallions, is paired with rice to offer a fulfilling meal. The crisp texture and rich flavors showcase our culinary expertise, giving you a taste of traditional Korean comfort food

    • Rice Toppings

    • Beef Katsu Curry

      Beef Katsu Curry


      Indulge in Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Beef Katsu Curry, where crispy, golden-fried beef cutlets meet the comforting warmth of our homemade curry sauce. Served over a bed of fluffy rice, this dish promises a symphony of textures and flavors, sure to satisfy both the curious food explorer and the seasoned palate. Experience this delightful fusion only at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

    • Bibimbap



      Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish, beautifully presented with an assortment of vibrant vegetables, tender meat, and a generous dollop of gochujang sauce. Served over steaming rice and topped with a fried egg, this dish offers a symphony of flavors and textures. Mix it all together to create a customized taste sensation, perfect for those who love an interactive dining experience. Experience the delight of bibimbap at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

    • Chicken Chowfan

      Chicken Chowfan


      Indulge in our savory Chowfan Chicken at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. A delightful fusion of fluffy fried rice, tender chicken, and fresh vegetables, all expertly stir-fried with a blend of exotic spices. This flavorful dish promises a tantalizing taste experience you won't soon forget. Join us to relish this Asian-inspired delicacy, only at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

    • Chicken Katsu Curry

      Chicken Katsu Curry


      Indulge in our Chicken Katsu Curry, a tantalizing fusion of East meets West. Crispy, golden-breaded chicken cutlets paired with our rich, aromatic curry sauce over steamed jasmine rice. A comforting and flavorful delight that's sure to satisfy. Join us at Mukbang Shows Restaurant and experience this culinary masterpiece!




      Jaeyuk Dupbap is a delectable Korean dish served at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. It features tender, stir-fried beef marinated in a delightful blend of spicy gochujang sauce and other flavorful seasonings. Paired with steamed rice and fresh vegetables, it offers a harmony of tastes and textures that satisfy the palate.

    • Kimchi Fried Rice

      Kimchi Fried Rice


      Kimchi Fried Rice at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a tantalizing fusion of flavors and textures. Our culinary team expertly combines the spicy and savory notes of fermented kimchi with perfectly cooked rice, fresh vegetables, and a blend of seasonings. It's stir-fried to perfection, offering a satisfying and unique dish that's both comforting and invigorating. Whether you're a fan of Korean cuisine or a culinary adventurer, our Kimchi Fried Rice promises an unforgettable dining experience.

    • Omelette Fried Rice

      Omelette Fried Rice


      Indulge in the delightful fusion of fluffy eggs and savory fried rice at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Our omelette fried rice is a symphony of flavors, blending fresh vegetables, seasoned rice, and perfectly cooked eggs, all stir-fried to golden perfection. Join us for a culinary experience that promises a tantalizing taste with every bite

    • Seafood Chowfan

      Seafood Chowfan


      Indulge in a flavorful adventure with our Chowfan Seafood at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. This dish is a delightful fusion of stir-fried rice, fresh shrimp, succulent squid, and tender fish, all wok-tossed with crisp vegetables and our secret blend of Asian spices. Experience a taste of the ocean in every bite and let the symphony of seafood flavors dance on your palate.

    • Vegetable chowfan

      Vegetable chowfan


      Indulge in the colorful and delightful Vegetable Chow Fan at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. This savory dish brings together an assortment of fresh, seasonal vegetables, perfectly stir-fried with rice and flavored with our special blend of spices and sauces. The result is a mouth-watering combination that's both nutritious and full of flavor. Experience a taste of the East with this vegetarian delight

    • Waygu Bulgogi Dupbap

      Waygu Bulgogi Dupbap


      Experience the rich and savory taste of Waygu Bulgogi Dupbap at Mukbang Shows Restaurant! Our premium Waygu beef is marinated in a special blend of traditional Korean spices, grilled to perfection, and served over a bed of warm, fluffy rice. Paired with fresh vegetables and a delightful sauce, this dish brings together authentic flavors in every bite.

    • White Rice

      White Rice

      White rice is a refined and versatile grain that has had its husk, bran, and germ removed. It's a staple food in many cultures and pairs wonderfully with a wide variety of dishes. Its mild flavor and soft texture make it a perfect accompaniment to stronger flavored dishes, and it's often used as a base in meals. Whether steamed, boiled, or fried, white rice is a beloved component of cuisines around the world.

    • Lunch Boxes

    • Bibimbap Lunch Bento Box Special

      Bibimbap Lunch Bento Box Special

      Exciting news for foodies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Bibimbap bento boxes are now available for lunch at Mukbang Shows Restaurant!

      Bibimbap is a traditional Korean food dish made of warm white rice. Bibimbap rice is topped with a variety of seasoned, sautΓ©ed, and pickled vegetables and beef .

      Try our Bibimbap lunch box with your hands out of bibimbap bento boxes. This method adds an interesting experience. This is like the traditional Seoul style of eating bibimbap.

      The bibimbap lunch bento box also expands Mukbang Shows bibimbap's menu.

      This box comes with the following.

      Drink: Coke or Sprite

      Sogogi Beef Soup


      Yangnyeom Chicken

      Beef Bulgogi

      Coffee or Tea

      Don't forget that we have other Bento boxes.

      Dine In.. Or Order out with
      πŸ›΅--- Talabat
      πŸ›΅--- Deliveroo
      πŸ›΅--- Noon
      πŸ›΅=== Or our Own Delivery Service ' 050-158-9433'




      Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has recently added la galbi meat bento box to Our lunch menu. Much to the delight of all Korean food lovers in the area in the UAE. This delicious lunch box comes with la galbi meat . La Galbi is a popular Korean dish made from beef and vegetables. The Beef is stir-fried together with lots of flavor.

      Whether you're looking for something to tide you over until dinner . Or if looking for a healthy meal alternative with a unique twist. Our la galbi meat bento box has all the essential components for an enjoyable and filling lunch. Enjoy amazing Korean taste without making a trip overseas!

      This Bento Box includes

      Coke or Sprite

      LA Galbi Meat

      Sogogi Beef Soup

      Yangnyeom Chicken


      Tea or Coffee

      Enjoy Dining in or with Delivery

      Dine In.. Or Order out with
      πŸ›΅--- Talabat




      Step up your lunch game with Mukbang Shows Restaurant's new Ramen Bento Box! Enjoy a steaming bowl of ramen alongside an array of unique side dishes, like Gimbap and Yangnyeom Chicken. Satisfy both hunger and taste buds in one delicious meal! Enjoy our Ramen Bento Box all day long at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

      Package includes:


      Coke or Sprite

      Gun Mandoo

      Yangnyeom Chicken


      Your Choice of Coffee or Tea

      Dine in or Order Out.

      Dine In.. Or Order out with
      πŸ›΅--- Talabat
      πŸ›΅--- Deliveroo
      πŸ›΅--- Noon
      πŸ›΅=== Or our Own Delivery Service ' 050-158-9433'

    • Seafood Boil

    • BOILED CRAB 500G / 1KG

      BOILED CRAB 500G / 1KG


      Indulge in the authentic flavors of our Boiled Crab, freshly caught and perfectly cooked to tender perfection. Choose between the zesty Cajun sauce, infused with a blend of spices that will dance on your palate, or the exotic Korean red sauce, a vibrant mixture that combines heat and sweetness for an unforgettable taste experience. Served with a side of your choice, this dish is a seafood lover's dream come true



      500G 49AED
      1KG 79AED

      Indulge in the taste of the sea with our perfectly boiled mussels, tender and brimming with flavor. Choose between the fiery kick of our homemade Cajun sauce, rich with spices and herbs, or the bold and zesty Korean Red Sauce that packs a punch of flavor. This delectable dish is a must-try for seafood lovers and an adventurous culinary experience for your palate. Come and savor this unique offering at Mukbang Shows Restaurant!



      59 AED

      Indulge in our succulent boiled shrimp, freshly prepared to perfection at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Choose between the spicy kick of our signature Cajun sauce or the rich, bold flavors of our authentic Korean red sauce. A delightful seafood treat that tantalizes your taste buds, promising an unforgettable culinary experience

    • Seafood Bucket Family Mix

      Seafood Bucket Family Mix


      Indulge in Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Seafood Boil Family Mix, a feast for 5-6 people that brings the ocean's finest to your table. Enjoy the rich flavors of succulent squid, shrimp, crabs, and mussels, complemented by the sweet crunch of corn. Choose between the spicy kick of our authentic Korean red sauce or the flavorful richness of our Cajun sauce to perfectly coat your seafood delights. Gather your family and friends and savor this delicious blend of sea flavors, only at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

    • Seafood Bucket Mukbangers Mix

      Seafood Bucket Mukbangers Mix


      Indulge in a tantalizing feast with Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Seafood Boil Mukbangers Mix. Designed to satisfy 10-12 seafood lovers, this grand platter is a delightful fusion of flavors and textures. Dive into a bounty of succulent squid, juicy shrimp, flavorful crabs, and tender mussels, all perfectly cooked to retain their ocean-fresh taste. Paired with sweet, crunchy corn, this seafood medley can be coated with your choice of fiery Korean red sauce or the rich and savory Cajun sauce. It's a gastronomic adventure that you and your friends won't forget. Join us and experience the true essence of a seafood mukbang

    • Seafood Bucket Solo Mix

      Seafood Bucket Solo Mix


      Indulge in Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Seafood Solo Mix, a symphony of fresh ocean delights! This mouth-watering mix features succulent squid, juicy shrimp, sweet corn, delectable crabs, and tender mussels. Customize your dining experience with your choice of flavorful Korean red sauce or authentic Cajun sauce. A solo feast for seafood lovers, it's an experience not to be missed!

      Best Seafood Bucket

      seafood bucket

    • Seafood Bucket Trio Mix

      Seafood Bucket Trio Mix


      Indulge in the Seafood Boil Trio Mix at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, a sumptuous feast designed for three seafood lovers. Dive into a medley of fresh squid, succulent shrimp, savory crabs, and tender mussels, complemented by the satisfying crunch of corn on the cob. Enhance the flavors by choosing between our two signature sauces: the spicy and flavorful Korean Red Sauce or the rich and aromatic Cajun Sauce. Come and experience the taste of the ocean at its finest, crafted to perfection for your enjoyment.

    • Unlimited Korean BBQ

    • All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

      All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

      69 AED Per Head

      All you can Eat Korean BBQ. Dive into an endless culinary adventure with Mukbang Shows' All-You-Can-Eat Unlimited Korean BBQ. Featuring a lavish spread of marinated and unmarinated meats, Yangyeom chicken, and a seafood selection of squid, shrimp, and fish, this dining experience is complemented by unlimited servings of rice and soup. Round off your meal with our assortment of 6 authentic Korean side dishes, including the iconic Kimchi. It's not just a meal; it's a gastronomic journey right into the heart of Korea

    • Mukbang Unlimited BBQ and Seafood Mixed Combo

      Mukbang Unlimited BBQ and Seafood Mixed Combo

      99 AED

      Discover the ultimate dining fusion with Mukbang Shows' Unlimited BBQ, a sumptuous blend of our world-renowned Unlimited BBQ and delectable seafood boil-in-a-bag. Relish a diverse array of fresh seafood like shrimp and squid, alongside mouthwatering marinated beef, chicken, and veggies. The feast is perfectly balanced with our selection of authentic Korean side dishes, from traditional fermented kimchi to tangy pickled radish. Whether you're craving a seafood fix from the boil-in-a-bag or can't get enough of our endless BBQ, this unique combination promises a culinary experience that keeps you coming back for more

    • Unlimited Premium Meats Korean BBQ

      Unlimited Premium Meats Korean BBQ


      Introducing Mukbang Shows Restaurant's ultimate Korean barbecue experience featuring our premium meats package, which boasts some of the finest cuts of meat in Abu Dhabi like Wagyu, Striploin, Tenderloin, and Rib eye. But the indulgence doesn't stop there; the package also includes classic Korean dishes that have stood the test of time, such as Japchae, Korean Fried Chicken, and Gimbap infused with savory flavors. This isn't just a meal, it's a culinary journey that takes you right into the authentic flavors of Korea.

    • Mukbang Jjigae

    • Haemul Jeongol

      Haemul Jeongol

      99 AED

      Haemul Jeongol is a popular Korean seafood hot pot dish that typically features a variety of seafood such as shrimp, squid, clams, and fish, along with vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms. It's cooked together in a spicy broth, and the flavors of the sea combine with the seasoning to create a rich and flavorful stew. Often enjoyed during family gatherings or celebrations, Haemul Jeongol is both hearty and satisfying, providing a delightful culinary experience.

    • Jjampong


      60 AED
      90 AED Large

      Jjampong is a flavorful Korean seafood noodle soup, brimming with spices, vegetables, and various seafood like shrimp, mussels, and squid. It offers a perfect balance of heat and heartiness, a must-try for spice lovers. Experience this authentic dish at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, where we celebrate the vibrant taste of Korea

    • Kimchi Jeongol

      Kimchi Jeongol

      49 AED / 89 AED

      Kimchi Jeongol is a sumptuous Korean hot pot dish, brimming with flavor and zest. A savory stew that blends the fermented richness of kimchi with tender meat, tofu, and a variety of fresh vegetables. Infused with a spicy broth that's both comforting and invigorating, our Kimchi Jeongol is a culinary delight that will tantalize your taste buds. Join us at Mukbang Shows Restaurant to experience this traditional Korean delicacy, and let your senses embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey.




      For Those who love Ramen in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dive into the rich, savory depths of our army base stew Ramen Budae Jjigae, a sumptuous Korean stew that perfectly blends the heartiness of traditional budae jjigae with the comforting slurp of ramen noodles. Originating from a creative use of surplus ingredients, this dish features a robust broth teeming with flavors of kimchi, gochujang, and a hint of garlic. budae jjigae army stew Packed with an assortment of ingredients such as tender slices of sausage, spam , succulent mushrooms, and fresh vegetables, each spoonful promises a burst of umami and spice. army stew ramyeon Topped with a sprinkle of green onions and a perfectly cooked egg, our Ramen Budae Jjigae is a must-try culinary delight that brings a piece of Korean heritage to your table. korean army stew budae jjigae Available exclusively at Mukbang Shows Restaurant β€” where every bite is a show!

      Best Ramen Budae Jjigae in Dubai




      flavors. This rich stew consists of soft tofu, vegetables, meat or seafood, and a savory blend of Korean seasonings. Simmered to perfection, it's often served bubbling hot in a traditional Korean earthenware pot, bringing a warm and comforting dining experience. Sundubu Jjigae is a must-try item at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, where the unique blend of flavors can be savored and enjoyed.d




      Tteokguk is a traditional Korean soup made with sliced rice cakes, usually garnished with seaweed, thinly sliced cooked eggs, and scallions. This comforting dish is often enjoyed during the Korean New Year to symbolize good luck and a fresh start. The chewy texture of the rice cakes blends perfectly with the savory broth, making it a beloved dish in Korean cuisine.




      Tteok Mandu Guk is a traditional Korean soup, often enjoyed during special occasions. It's a comforting bowl of clear broth that's made with a base of anchovy or beef stock. The soup features two main ingredients: "Tteok," which are chewy rice cakes, and "Mandu," which are Korean dumplings typically filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables. Together, they create a satisfying meal that's both hearty and delicious, symbolizing good fortune and well-wishes.

    • Noodles




      Bibim Guksu is a popular Korean dish made of thin wheat noodles that are served cold. They're tossed in a spicy, sweet, and tangy sauce that typically consists of gochujang (red chili paste), sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce. Often garnished with cucumber, boiled egg, and sesame seeds, Bibim Guksu offers a refreshing yet flavorful experience. This dish is especially loved during the hot summer months in Korea, and it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a light but satisfying meal.

    • Chow Mein Chicken

      Chow Mein Chicken


      Indulge in Mukbang Shows Restaurant's Chicken Chow Mein, a savory symphony of stir-fried noodles tossed with succulent chicken, fresh vegetables, and an exquisite blend of Asian spices. Our skilled chefs masterfully balance flavors to create this classic dish, ensuring every bite is packed with taste and tradition. Join us and experience the authentic flavors of Chicken Chow Mein, a true crowd-pleaser

    • Chow Mein Seafood

      Chow Mein Seafood


      Indulge in the flavors of the sea with our Chow Mein Seafood at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. This exquisite dish combines succulent shrimp, squid, and scallops, stir-fried with fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked noodles. Seasoned with traditional Asian spices and a hint of sesame oil, our Chow Mein Seafood offers a symphony of tastes and textures that will delight your palate. Join us and experience this delectable treat today!

    • Chow mein Vegetables Noodles

      Chow mein Vegetables Noodles


      Indulge in the savory taste of our Chow Mein Vegetables Noodles at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Crafted with the finest ingredients, these stir-fried noodles are tossed with a delicate blend of fresh vegetables and a special sauce. Experience the authentic flavors and a perfect balance of texture and taste. Join us and relish the symphony of flavors in every bite!

    • Jajangmyeon



      Jajangmyeon is a popular Korean dish consisting of wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced beef, and vegetables. The dish's rich and savory flavor is a favorite among many, served with pickled radish on the side. It's a comforting meal that's commonly enjoyed on special occasions or as a delicious everyday treat.

    • JapChae



      Experience the authentic taste of our Korean Japchae, a traditional dish that combines the best of our secret Japchae recipe with premium quality Japchae noodles. These aren't just any noodles - they're sweet potato glass noodles, also known as Korean glass noodles, expertly cooked until perfectly glossy and tender. The Chap Chae experience is further elevated by the medley of colorful, fresh Japchae ingredients we stir-fry together: crisp vegetables, succulent meats, and umami-rich shiitake mushrooms. Each portion is generously drizzled with our house-made Japchae sauce, capturing the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and slightly nutty flavors. Our Korean Japchae dish follows the timeless tradition of the beloved Maangchi Japchae, bringing the genuine taste of this festive Korean delicacy straight to your table for an unforgettable dining experience.




      Now on the Menu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is Rabokki. If you're in the mood for some delicious, traditional Korean food, look no further than Rabokki. This dish is made with Tteokbokki rice cake tubes and cheese, and it's both savory and sweet. Be sure to try Rabokki at Mukbang shows restaurant korean bbq and seafood Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

      When it comes to traditional Korean food, there are a few classics that always come to mind. With its a sweet and savory taste, Rabokki is one of those dishes that's always enjoyable. And while some people might choose to eat it plain, adding cheese makes it even better! So if you're looking for a tasty new way to enjoy rabokki, give this version a try. You won't be disappointed.

      Dine In.. Or Order out with
      πŸ›΅--- Talabat

    • Mukbang Premium Meats

    • Australian Wagyu

      Australian Wagyu


      Australian Wagyu is renowned for its exceptional flavor, rich marbling, and tender texture. Derived from Japanese Wagyu cattle, it's raised in Australia's pristine natural environment, adhering to strict quality controls. This ensures a melt-in-your-mouth experience that's both delicious and unique. Experience the luxury of Australian Wagyu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, where culinary excellence meets taste satisfaction




      La Galbi, a signature Korean dish, is a tantalizing treat at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Made with premium beef short ribs marinated in a perfect blend of soy sauce, garlic, Asian pears, and other authentic ingredients, our La Galbi promises an explosion of flavors. Grilled to perfection, the succulent meat falls off the bone, offering a rich and savory dining experience that's unparalleled.




      La Galbi, or Korean BBQ short ribs, is a savory dish known for its succulent flavor and tender texture. The unmarinated version offers a pure, unadulterated taste of the beef, allowing the natural flavors to shine. Grilled to perfection, our La Galbi is an authentic culinary experience you can enjoy at Mukbang Shows Restaurant.




      Boneless New Zealand ribeye steaks are a steakhouse favorite. On the Premium Meats Menu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant . Ribeye Steaks renowned for their bold flavor and identifiable by their ribbon of rib fat. Although not as tender as tenderloin steaks or strip steaks. New Zealand Ribeye are more flavorful as a result. New Zealand Ribeye Steaks cooked as you would other high-end steaks. Ribeye have higher fat content can lead to flare-ups on the grill, so take care not to burn them.

      cooking at Mukbang Shows electra

      and Mukbang Shows Muroor

    • Tenderloin Steak

      Tenderloin Steak


      Indulge in the rich and succulent flavors of our Australian Tenderloin, a cut of meat renowned for its tenderness and taste. Sourced from the pristine pastures of Australia, this prime cut is expertly prepared by our culinary team at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Enjoy the natural, grass-fed goodness and superior quality that sets our tenderloin apart. Experience a culinary delight that melts in your mouth, only at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

    • Yangyeom Galbi

      Yangyeom Galbi


      Yangnyeom Galbi is a popular Korean dish made of marinated and grilled beef short ribs. The ribs are typically marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, sugar, sesame oil, and other flavors, giving them a sweet and savory taste. Grilled to perfection, Yangnyeom Galbi offers a delightful combination of tender meat and a flavorful glaze that's sure to please any palate. It's often enjoyed with sides such as rice, kimchi, and various vegetables, making it a well-rounded meal.

    • Deserts and Drinks

      Beside and amazing menu of Korean and Seafood Delights, indulge yourself in our Deserts , Bubble Tea and Drinks!

    • Bingsu Milk Tea / Bubble Tea

      Bingsu Milk Tea / Bubble Tea


      Bingsu Milk Tea Korean Shaved Ice is what You Need To Try In 2023.

      Introduce to our Bingsu Milk Tea. The ultimate Korean dessert in Abu Dhabi that will refresh your taste buds and cool you down on a hot day. Our Bingsu is made with fine, fluffy shaved ice. And topped with a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk. Also a variety of delicious toppings such as fresh fruits, fruit syrups, and sweet red beans.

      We use only high-quality, natural ingredients to make our Bingsu Milk Tea. Which makes it a healthier option compared to other Boba and desserts. The unique texture of the shaved ice makes it a treat that melts in your mouth. Leaving you with a satisfying sensation.

      We have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Including classic options like strawberry, mango, and green tea. As well as more unique flavors such as chocolate and matcha. You can customize your Bingsu by choosing your preferred toppings. Making it a dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone.

      Come and try our Bingsu and Bubble Tea today , and experience the authentic taste of Korean desserts. Available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

      We have 14 Different Flavors of MILK TEA BINGSU

      Taro - Matcha - Wintermelon - Sweetmelon - Watermelon - Banana - Vanilla - Chocolate - Oreo - Coffee - Hazelnut - Caramel - Blueberry - Strawberry

      The weather in UAE right now isn't just hot, it's VERY hot. What better way to cool down than a bowl of bingsu (λΉ™μˆ˜), Korean shaved ice? Let's take a look at the different types of Bingsu you can get in UAE, from @MukbangshowsRestaurant

      Milk Tea Bingsu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is combination of Bingsu and Bubble Tea together in a Delicious Bowl!

    • Honey Citron Korean Tea

      Honey Citron Korean Tea


      Citron tea, commonly known as Korean Honey Citron Tea or yuja cha, is a traditional Korean beverage crafted from the yuja fruit, a citrus variety native to East Asia. Particularly popular in Korea during the chilly winter season, this vitamin C-rich tea is a go-to remedy for cold and flu symptoms, offering immune-boosting properties and quick symptom relief within a day. Beyond immunity, it boasts citric acid for digestive aid, and other potential benefits like improved skin health and weight loss.

      To prepare this unique tea, honey, sugar, or other sweeteners are blended with thinly-sliced yuja fruit, including its rind and seeds. This mixture is boiled and simmered until it turns into a syrupy consistency, which can be stored and later spooned into hot or cold water to make the tea. The final brew offers a balance of sweet and tart flavors, accompanied by a fragrant aroma that echoes notes of yuzu fruit, Yuza, mandarin orange, meyer lemon, and other citrus fruits. Enjoy it hot, cold, or even as a versatile syrup for desserts and other beverages. For a cozy and healthful experience, find this traditional Korean tea at Mukbang Shows restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    • Honey Rasberry Tea

      Honey Rasberry Tea


      Indulge in the luscious blend of Honey Raspberry Tea, a captivating infusion that marries the natural sweetness of honey with the vibrant tang of ripe raspberries. This delectable tea is the perfect remedy for any season, offering a rich source of antioxidants and a delightful burst of flavor that dances on your palate. Crafted with premium ingredients, our Honey Raspberry Tea combines the soothing qualities of natural honey, renowned for its throat-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, with the invigorating essence of raspberry, known for its high vitamin C content. The resulting brew is not only delicious but also potentially beneficial for immune support. Enjoy it hot for a comforting experience, or iced for a refreshing lift. Whether you're seeking solace on a cold winter's day or a refreshing pick-me-up in the summer heat, Honey Raspberry Tea is your go-to elixir for unmatched taste and wellness.

    • Korean Honey Ginger Tea

      Korean Honey Ginger Tea


      Korean Honey Ginger Tea is a soothing, aromatic beverage that combines the warming qualities of ginger with the natural sweetness of honey. Deeply rooted in Korean tradition, this tea is not only enjoyed for its delightful taste but also for its array of health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and known for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger provides a gentle heat that aids in digestion and offers relief from cold and flu symptoms. When blended with honey, it serves as a natural remedy for sore throats and boosts overall immunity. This well-balanced tea captivates the senses with its spicy undertones and fragrant aroma, offering both comfort and wellness in each cup. Whether you prefer it hot as a winter warmer or cold as a refreshing summer drink, Korean Honey Ginger Tea is a versatile elixir that caters to a variety of tastes and needs.

    • Korean Shaved Ice Dessert Bingsu

      Korean Shaved Ice Dessert Bingsu

      33 AED

      Delicious Bingsu near me

      Bingsu near me is a delightful South Korean shaved ice dessert, beloved for its light, fluffy texture and versatile flavor profile. This refreshing treat begins with a base of finely shaved ice, which is as soft as freshly fallen snow. The ice is then generously topped with a variety of ingredients, depending on the flavor. Common toppings include sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, fresh fruits like strawberries or mangoes, and red beans. More innovative and modern variations may feature chocolate, matcha, or even cheesecake pieces, making it a versatile dessert that can cater to a wide array of palates. Perfect for cooling down on a hot day or as a sweet finale to any meal, bingsu not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also offers a delightful texture experience that makes it uniquely enjoyable. The Best that You will find at Mukbang Shows Restaurant Korean BBQ and Seafood in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    • Melona Ice Cream

      Melona Ice Cream

      12 AED

      When Eating at Mukbang Shows Restaurant you will want a delicious dessert. The Melona ice cream popsicle  is a South Korean beverage identified by its melon flavor. It comes in other fruit flavors, such as cantaloupe and coconut!

      Melona ice cream is from korea. It's a light, refreshing snack on a hot day. The Melona flavor is unique and delicious.

      Where to Get Melona in the UAE?

      Mukbang Shows Restaurant has this Korean Ice cream . The flavor of melona popsicles  is unique. It can be describes as a delicious taste that is like no other.
      Some say it is a mix of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. Others say it is a refreshing and tantalizing flavor that is perfect for a summer day. No matter what you think of the flavor, there is no denying that it is delicious.

      Melona ice cream is unique because of its refreshingly mellow taste. It's a perfect balance of sweet and fruity, without being too overwhelming. Plus, the melon flavor is perfectly subtle and not at all artificial-tasting. Find it here in at Mukbang Shows Restaurant Abu Dhabi and in Dubai.  Feeling like more sweets check out The Best Bubble Tea in Abu Dhabi and the Best Bingsu in the UAE. You will love Melona!

      Order from Mukbang Shows Restaurant at Korean Food Delivery

    • The Best Bubble Tea Abu Dhabi and Dubai -The Best Boba Tea

      The Best Bubble Tea Abu Dhabi and Dubai -The Best Boba Tea

      22 AED

      Discover the Best Bubble Tea in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

      Are you craving the best Milk Tea in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Mukbang Shows offers an extensive menu of bubble tea to satisfy your sweet tooth. Explore our delicious Bubble-tea flavors and toppings below:

      Delicious Flavors and Prices

      • Milk Tea Flavors
        • Cream Cheese - Boba Loaded: Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Mocha, Mango, Tiramisu - 17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large
        • Rock Salt - Loaded: Matcha bubble tea, Mocha , Taro, Wintermelon - 17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large
        • Cheese Cake - Loaded: Black Forest, Mango, Pearl Milk Tea, Strawberry, Blueberry - 17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large
        • Milk Tea: Pearl Milk Tea, Okinawa, Matcha, Pudding, Honeydew, Taro, Mango, Strawberry, Boba Mocha, Blueberry, Oreo, Winter Melon - 17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large
        • Kori: Boba Choco, Mocha, Matcha, Mango, Strawberry - 21 AED Large
        • Ice Blended: Cold Taro, Mocha, Mango, Yogurt, Strawberry, Avocado - 17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large
      • Toppings
        • 3 AED: Nata Pudding, Popping Boba, Coffee Jelly
        • 4 AED: Cream Cheese, Cheese Cake
        • 6 AED: Ice Cream

      Indulge in the Greatest Tasting Bubble Tea

      Made by the best classic milk tea baristas in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is not just your favorite Korean Restaurant, but also your new favorite Bubble Tea Store.Β  At our Milk Tea Restaurant Take away or get the best Boba orders for delivery. Our entire Boba Tea menu can be found on our website and Talabat.


      Available at Mukbang Shows Restaurant on Muroor road Electra Street and Dubai

      Originally from Taiwan, Boba bubble tea is a refreshing drink that has become popular worldwide. Its main ingredient is tapioca pearls, and it comes in various flavors, such as green tea, black tea, taro, and passion fruit.

      Get the Best Bubble Tea in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

      If you're seeking the best taro milk tea or any other Boba bubble tea flavors, look no further. Our delicious bubble tea at our Milk Tea Restaurant is made with high-quality ingredients and can be customized to your taste.

      The Best Bubble Tea Recipe

      We take pride in our simple and delicious Boba bubble tea recipe. Whether you prefer fruity, milky, or sweet, we offer endless combinations to satisfy your cravings. Join us at our bubble tea shop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You will then discover your perfect cup.

      Visit our social media and website:

    • Korean Pastry

    • Korean Garlic Cheese Bread

      Korean Garlic Cheese Bread

      Who doesn't love Korean garlic cheese bread? This piece of heaven is now on the menu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant.

      When one thinks of Korea cuisine , they wouldn't first think "garlic bread." This most famous Korean Garlic Bread dish from the south is actually made with cream cheese. Korean Garlic Cheese Bread has been gaining popularity as a viral street food there.

      The Korean cream cheese garlic bread takes this idea one step further. This is by combining two delectable tastes for an unbeatable experience!

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