Bubble tea, aka Korean boba Tea , is a popular beverage estimated by Allied Market Research to be worth 4.5 billion by 2027. For those who don’t know, this tea contains concentrated tea containing mixed milk. The top of the spheres is tapicoca starch from the roots in the Casava plant. This chewed pearl is flavorful. Fruit juice syrup and fruits may even be added in tea. This drink has very specific customization for Twinings. While exact dates and locations of bubble teas inventions remain unclear most believe it was invented in Taiwan in the early 1900s. bubble vs boba tea

Jasmine Milk Tea

different type of boba tea Most popular bubble tea flavors for the best korean bubble tea near me are those that are a traditional tea beverage that dates back to a long history. It is reasonable because bubble tea is only another means for enjoying the two biggest beverage in the world — flavoured boba tea. It is published by National Geographic. As mentioned by Jing Tea, Jasmine flowers are an excellent flavor in bubble tea in Korea, just like they were when used as regular tea. Jasmine flowers bring Boba a distinctive scent. It balances nicely against the intense sourness in the base tea, which is typically green. Jasmin bubble teas offer very mild aromas and flavour but they also contain fewer sweetenings and additional flavors.

Thai Iced Tea

Gowithstock/Shutterstock Even without a bob, Thai Iced Tea offers a pleasure for your senses. This sweet, bright black tea is made up of black tea spices, such as Star Yeast & Cardamom, sugar and sweetened condensed water. The result gives it a whipped-y silkiness. The color is usually bright orange tinted by food coloring added into Thai tea mixes (via food & wine). The taste is great. Thai tea alone is very good and its conversion into milk tea only adds more sweetness. The version boba is basically the exact opposite to the standard Thai Ice tea except for tapioca pearls and sometimes some additional syrups and flavors.

Lychee Milk Tea

Lychees are a small fruit native to the Southeast Asia region and a significant component of the cuisine of the region for centuries (by Britannica). The fruits are most closely tied with China. The nation exported $53.2 million of the fruit annually (through mordorintelligence). According to a Macao magazine report, lychee has spread from China thanks to exports to many countries such as America and Vietnam and it has become popular. In the Bubble Tea, lychee is the most popular choice. This juicey fruit does not lack an intense sweet flavor that comes in the popular fruit bobas like pineapple and mango.

Best Bubble Tea in UAE
Best Bubble Tea in Abu Dhabi


Gowithstock/Shutterstock Matcha Boa combines two fashionable, buzzy drinks into one aromatic, refreshing & photo-ready product. This blend of green tea powder and dairy is now widespread throughout the United States and adding tapioca pearls just makes things better. Another flavor that isn’t very subtle but the matcha really shines. Generally, the powder can get very overwhelming. It is made from sweetenable ingredients which are less bitter, less herbous and more earthy than matcha, and tastes more subtle than you would if ordering matcha drinks instead of coffee.

Red beans

PhotoMavenstock /Shutterstock A nod to the roots of the Taiwanese Boba, red beans represent a famous taste option that many of us have enjoyed. Red bean paste has a silky soft texture, richness and sweetness like a light dark chocolate and is used as part of many Asian restaurants. So obviously red beans are bobas that have an interesting flavor. Yeah, I think not. Red beans are a good alternative to hyper-sweetened flavours. Although it tastes like grown-up and cultured melted chocolate milk which crosses between sweet and savory, it can be slightly more subtle.


Elena Velesco / shutterstock: Coffee and tea sound an incredibly sensible combination. Two Café icons join together for a savory treat. Instead of working in harmony, both flavors clash with one another. Again it’s an attractive drink (like creamy iced latte), but you will wish you ordered an authentic Iced Latte. Ice tea has a refreshing, quenchable taste. Unfortunately the intense bitter taste of the coffee negates the feeling. These dark earthy undertones provide an irritable contrast with its relatively mild ice-dried tea.

Black sesame seeds

A lesser-known sleeper hit at the boba menu (and also quite surprisingly beautiful), black sesame is worth ordering just to get one picture. It has an appearance similar in texture to cookies or cream in its black / white colour. But if you want to drink something similar to the Oreo milkshake, you may find the taste very misleading. While creaminess shows up (it’s really just Milk tea) flavors differ. Instead of cocoa, black sesame has more creamy nutty flavor and mild sweetener. But that’s all right with us.

Red Bean Milk Tea

PhotoMaven Stocks/ Shutterstock. Red bean sauce is a staple ingredient of East Asian cuisine. The Red Bean paste is sweet and was originally used to enhance dishes dating back to the 7th century, according to Savor Japan. Using different texture grades, pastes can be divided into different types and have different use cases. In boba koshimi, the most popular paste ensures uniformity throughout the beverage. Besides negating a whole beans getting dripped in the straw, some drinks have added whole beans in them.

Black Milk Tea

No Bubble Tea flavour list can exist unless it is blackmilk tea’s origin. However, black milk tea does not feature on these lists as pure nostalgia. According to analysts, Black tea remains the main base ingredient in bubble tea and could remain the same until 2027. Due to its immense popularity globally, most people know about its taste. Black tea offers low-risk, unintimidating options to people who are ordering bubble tea first. Black milk tea is generally served with understated black tapioka balls.

Pumpkin spice

We’ve been honest about it: pumpkin spice Bobi was inevitable. Why shouldn’t flavored products such as almond butter be thrown into bubble tea? It’s also reasonable, as it’s true that millennials are a huge contributors to spice as well as boba’s popularity. Like most popular pumpkin spice drinks these Boba flavors typically occur only during the summer months. The aromas of cinnamon penetrate the culture. While some pumpkin spice treats are not really useful, the flavour works very well in boba forms.

Taro Milk Tea

Agave Photo Studio/Shutterstock – The most unknown component in this list, Taro, might have a bubble tea flavour often ignored by many. This is shameful because the flavour is spectacular and makes a great drink. According to MasterClass, taro is a root vegetable which originated from southeast Asia. Taro should be cooked to remove toxics and ground before adding milk tea. This is usually paired with jasmine infused tea, which is very pleasant with its sweetness, compared with that of a tartar flavour.

Pineapple milk tea

For a fruitforward boba that packs some delicious flavors without sugaring you, pineapple hits the right notes. This drink has beautiful, bright and photogenic flavours. The sweetness is all the flavor of fresh pineapple sucked from the straw. Pineapples are perfect as an entire but we prefer flavored milk drinks as they have texture and taste like delicious smoothies. The tangy tang of the fruit aids in controlling the creaminess of the fruit to keep them from becoming greasy and milkshake-like.


Is avocado really a good option? From guacamole and toast to tacos to sushi the buttery fruits are perfect in most forms, as does avocado boba. One example of the trendy titans converging on a huge success is the perfect version of a beverage which refreshes and quashes, while retaining the taste of a small indulgent treat in itself. It offers an extremely smooth texture with a natural richness. Culinary Cent claims that the drink is prepared without ice, cooled condensing milk or regular milk.

Black Sesame Milk Tea

Black sesame is a traditional staple in Asian cuisine. In Japan, they are commonly used as yakumi, condiments that amplify a dish. The Taiwan Panorama reports that black sesame is used for food in Taiwan frequently. Back sesame has gradually been spreading into West Asia. Since the mid-1980s black sesame is widely used as an ingredient in sweet dishes in European and American countries. Throughout this period black seeds have gained a worldwide popularity and remained so for decades to come.

Honeydew milk tea

Lucagrig Belmont/ShutterstockThe underrated Melons get their own opportunity at this stunning, lusciously luxurious Boba option. Honeydew has mild and subtle flavors which lend themselves especially well when infused in green tea, ice creamer or cream (via Talk Bobb) and is often the last choice in the ripe fruit. Like the Lychee, it was really refreshing but the richness added to the creamer made it softer. The honeydew has a stronger flavor which continues through to the final taste. Find it at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Thai milk tea

Thai tea has been brewed with a heavily brewed black tea, flavored with spices, such as star anise, before mixing with evaporated milk. The US also adds citrus colour, sugars, and condensed milk. Americanization is the core aspect of Thai tea taste. Pim Techamuanvivit from Thailand says that although the country has its own names, the tea industry is not a national treasure. It’s nothing that is essential in our culture and you don’t drink anything daily,” says he.

Chai Milk Tea

Masala is a warm, relaxing flavor that is enjoyable. Hence, they have been integral to Indian populations for years. Interestingly, masala chais are a frequent occurrence in bubble tea shops around the world. While masalachai is the right name for a spiced tea in the USA the shortened “chai” is widely utilised. The chai bobas are a blend of herbs derived from a strong blend of spices, including clove and ginger to create intense flavors.


Horchata is a cross-cultural boba flavour that appears mainly in California, appearing on locations such as Boba Guys and Viva La Boba. It’s epic, exactly what the story is about. Horchata is a multi-purpose, creamy drink originating in Mexico and Latin America. It is typically made with rice milk, cinnamon and sugar and has the taste of drinking it. Obviously the addition of Boba beverages just seems like a win-win.

Strawberry milk tea

Elena Veselova/Shutterstock If we rank boba mainly by aesthetic, strawberries would be the top. The drinks are pretty pink – perfect as an Instagram post but it also contains sugars beneath the surface. This sounds refreshing and fruity, but the strawberry natural flavors are lost in the syrupy sweetness. The drink is similar in flavor to the strawberry Nesquik, but is less diluted.


For the ultimate boba quenker, the lychee fruits are soft, making them perfect to fight the summer heat. This is light, tart floral, with hints of raisins. Its addition of lychee gives it a pleasant scent. The taste may seem a bit overpowering. Of all different fruits this is surprisingly mild. This is the opposite of strawberries, it has little sugar but lacks much taste.

Matcha milk tea

Matcha — made of green tea — has been a popular flavoring ingredient in a variety of food products. Anna Burleigh is a Selfridge’s buyer and the product ingredient for Matcha products. The magazine says matcha tastes light, earthy and powerful.

Best Boba Tea flavours

Okay now we’re able to go through the good stuff. Here are some of our favorites boba tea flavours. Enjoy.

Five popular flavours of bubble tea include: Classic milk teas. Tiger milk tea. Thalasso. Taro milk teas. Lychees. Fruit tea.

What is the best boba tea for beginners?

Try milk tea taro milk tea and oolong milk teas. Tip: Some stores often offer separate drink menus. This would make an excellent starting point.

What is the best drink in boba?

What does Bobo’s Teas have to offer? Taro’s Milk Tea – Best with Ice Creams. Milk tea – the perfect breakfast. Strawberry Teas: The Best Thing A Child Should Enjoy. Thailand Bubble Tea is good for the Summer. Milk tea is the ideal drink in the morning. Honeydew milk teas – The Worlds Best. Mango Tea – Best for Slush.

Bubble tea tastes best in five different flavors. Classic milky tequila. Tigermilk teas. Thai milk teas. Taro milk tea. Lychee fruit tea.

What is milk tea flavor?

Although milk tea was called milk tea, the standard recipe doesnt contain teas. The beverages are based on milk, honeydew and pearl beads. When a drink has been added green tea should be added. It compliments honeydew taste and improves the greenness of the beverage.

What’s the most common boba flavors?

The five most common Bubble Tea flavors include: Typical milk tea. Tigermilk tea. Thailand milk. Tsuka milk tea. Lychee Fruits.

It is a popular boba tea flavor with some exceptions. Being the most famous bubble tea of all time and one of the most unique flavours, it can easily be made in the house.

What is a good flavor of milk tea?

Additional mixes providing flavour to the Bubble tea beverages include fresh fruits and puddings and red bean and cheesecake. ) 12 most delicious bubble teas in the world. It seems there are endless variations on tea flavors for tea, milk or bubbles. … The symbol ” ‘ . Matches. … Jacinta. … Manguett. … Taron. The first of these was the first of the three. Melons. … Lychees. Top 10 Bubble tea flavors. There are endless flavor combinations of Bubble Tea that vary from tea to milk to bubbles. The sulphide content in the sulphide chloride content was added to the acetate containing acetate. The coffee. … Match. … J. Jasmines. The python is not a member of the family, so the python has to be a member of the family. Mangos. .. Tar. … Melo. … Lyche

What is the best boba milk flavor?

Bobas favorite flavour. Taro tea. Thai milk tea. White tea. Café Milk Teas. LYCHEES – TEE – YELLOW – YELLOW. YELLOW – YELLOW – Pineapple. Coffee. Bean milk. Mango milk tea. Tario Milk Tea. Thai teas. Brown tea. Coffees. Teas. Lieche.. Pinacola milk tea. Red beans. Tea and coffee. Milk teas, mangoes.

What are the flavors of milk tea?

Can you list the best milk tea flavors? . Bubble milk. Tea. It is sometimes known as Tapikocca, Boba, and Pearl Tea. … Thai milk tea. Thai iced tea comes in 2 kinds. “. British teas. Then a few of the characters were introduced to the story, and were given the name ‘. Yerba Mate. … Strawberry milk tea. … Milky honey tee. Bubble tea. It is commonly known as tapioca boba and pearl teas. … Thai tea. Thailand’s tea is two kinds: Thai milk tea and Thai ice tea. … British Milk Tea. ‘ ” Green milk tea. … Strawberry tea. The escapology: Honeydew milk tea. The Best in Abu Dhabi

The Best Flavors of Milk Tea

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a delicious and refreshing drink that has taken the world by storm. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone when it comes to bubble tea. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of amazing boba tea flavors to explore.

The best boba tea flavors for beginners are usually those that are on the sweeter side and have a more familiar taste. Popular options include strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. These flavors are a great starting point and can help you get a feel for what you like and don’t like when it comes to bubble tea.

For those looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of interesting boba tea flavors to try. Taro, a root vegetable that has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, is a popular choice among bubble tea enthusiasts. Another unique flavor to try is matcha, a powder made from green tea leaves that has a slightly bitter taste.

When it comes to the best boba tea flavor combinations, the possibilities are endless. A popular choice is a classic milk tea with a shot of caramel or chocolate syrup. Another popular combination is taro with a shot of vanilla or almond syrup. The key is to experiment and find the flavors that work best for you.

For those who want to create their own boba tea flavors, there are many different milk tea flavor powders available. These powders come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Simply mix the powder with water and add your desired amount of sweetness to create a delicious boba tea that’s all your own.

There are many different boba tea flavors to choose from, and it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, unique, or a classic flavor, there’s a boba tea flavor out there that’s perfect for you. So why not grab a friend, head to your favorite boba tea shop, and start exploring the many delicious boba tea flavors that are available!