The Best Bubble Tea Abu Dhabi

Best bubble tea in abu dhabi
The Best Bubble Tea Abu Dhabi

The Best Bubble Tea Abu Dhabi

19 AED

Where can you buy the best Boba tea in Abu Dhabi?  Here at Mukbang Shows we offer a Huge menu of Bubble Tea to satisfy your Sweet tooth with the best Milk Tea in Abu Dhabi

Here is an example of Delicious flavors and Prices

Cream Cheese - Loaded with Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Strawberry , Mocha , Mango, Tiramisu  17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large

Rock Salt -  Loaded with Matcha, Mocha , Taro, Wintermelon  17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large

Cheese Cake - Loaded up with Black Forest , Mango, Pearl Milk Tea, Strawberry , Blueberry   17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large

Milk Tea - Pearl Mlik Tea, Okinawa, Matcha, Pudding , Honeydew, Taro, Mango, Strawberry, blueberry, Oreo, Winter melon 17AED Medium / 21 AED Large

Kori -  A delicious blend of Choco, Mocha, Matcha, Mango and strawberry 21 AED Large

Ice Blended - Cold and Yummy Taro, Mocha, Mango, Yogurt, Strawberry , Avacado  17 AED Medium / 21 AED Large


3 AED Nata pudding , Popping Boba, Coffee Jelly

4 AED Cream Cheese , Cheese Cake

6 AED Ice Cream

Go Ahead and indulge in the best tasting bubble tea  made by the best milk tea baristas in Abu Dhabi.  Mukbang Shows Restaurant is not just your favorite Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi but your new favorite Bubble Tea Store as well.  Bubble Tea can be enjoyed in our restaurant,  take away or even delivery.  Our entire Boba Tea menu can be found on Talabat. 

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