Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

This is Korea’s most creamy cream cheese garlic bread that melts into your tongue. Designed entirely from scratch these breads include garlic and cream cheese. By now it is obvious I love Korean food or culture. South Korea is famous for its incredible street food that is filled full of flavours. My family loves Korean corn dogs, homemade milkshakes, and Gochujang Pasta! These garlic cream cheese breads have a reputation as being one of my favorite treats ever and it is now my favorite Korean recipe. Despite its butteriness, the flavour of this is very sweet.

Tell me the taste of it?

Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread
Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread 6

Korean cream cheese bread is rich in savoury flavours. The taste comes from garlic and a good flavor from butter and herbs. The creamy smooth cream cheese is added to add flavor to this dish. The Korean garlic bread overall has unique textures as well. It’s not an easy snack, because the garlic in this dish is huge! However, the rich garlic flavor was slightly tempered by the sweet cream cheese filling. Because bread is made entirely on-site, it is soft. Cream cheese blend makes a bun’s base taste like custard but has a bit of chewiness.

What does Korean cream cheese garlic bread taste like?

Korean Cream Cheese Bread is a mixture of sweet and savory. Imagine some good butter garlic bread layered with a nice creamy cream cheese layer. You know garlicky sweet and a balanced flavor balanced by a creamy texture and an added flavor. This garlic bread has a good balance of flavors. The insides of the bread are partially custard and moisture but the outsides are crunchy like good bread. Bread baked again in garlic butter gives the outer surface an extremely crunchy coating. Okay. It’s a combination of chewy, soft and crunchy!

Recipe FAQs

How does bread taste? Imagine the garlic bread in its original glory! Because of its richness it is very light, soft and creamy topped with a creamy sweetener and butter sauce. It has perfect sweetness and a custard-like texture. Because bread is baked twice, the exterior becomes incredibly crispy. So there’s that crunchy, crunchy ingredient and creamy, smooth topping and soft toasted bread that is crispy, smooth and chewy. The pulled out garlic bread will surely be a great appetizer!! Why don’t you cook your bread every day? No.

Tell me the Korean garlic bread?

Korean bread made with Korean Cream & Cheese. This recipe was made with a combination of cream cheese, garlic and bread. In Korea the word keurimchije ppang literally translated as ‘Cream Cheese Garlic Bread’. A similar name for the treats is yukjok maneul ppang meaning ‘Six Sided Garlic Bread’ and has 6 sides in Chinese. Unlike traditional garlic breads, Korean versions include individual dinner rolls and soft-meat buns. They are cut in six wedges with soft cream and coated in a garlic butter mix.

How to make Korean cream cheese garlic bread?

This recipe is made by scratch and you can also bake it using leftover rolls or from the grocery stores. To get the most fresh and authentic flavor you can make your own bread. Alternatively, freeze before freezing until they are ready to use. If you are short on time, then you may have to purchase the same product from a supermarket and you’ll also enjoy the garlic bread.

Tell me the difference between Korean cream cheese garlic bread and regular garlic bread?

The main difference between them is that in Korean cream cheese garlic breads garlic butter is much like butter. The garlic butter “custard” contains milk and eggs that keep Korean garlic bread moist and like custard. Korean Cream Cheese garlic bread has a slightly sweeter taste. It has a combination of cheese and sugar which really taste very good!


The Korean cream and garlic bread is very easy to make and bake! Place garlic bread in parchment paper or foil and bake at 350 °C for about 5-10 minutes. For frozen Cream Cheese garlic bread, bake for another 5 minutes or until warm and crunchy inside. Always watch your baked goods to ensure that the light stays out.

Garlic Butter for Bread

The uniqueness of Korean garlic bread is that garlic butter looks more like custard. It is made using milk and eggs for an incredibly creamy garlic sauce and the rolls have beautiful brown crusts and so much flavor. The garlic bread is not suitable for cooking without eggs! The milk and eggs make them special.

Ingredient round-up

The recipe has three components: bread topped, cream cheese and garlic. Tell me the recipe for the delicious Korean garlic bread:

Can we eat cream cheese with bread?

Spread on sandwiches – Avoid getting soggy while adding substantial creaminess to your sandwich with cream cheese or mayo on a thin layer on top.

What is a cream pan?

Kurimpan also called Cream Pan is an Asian baked bread filled with custard cream. Unlike cream puffs, cream pies have soft brioche-like textures, similar to Shokupan Japanese milkbread.

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