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The Best Korean Restaurant in Dubai – Mukbang Shows Restaurant


Do you love food as much as we do? Have you ever fantasized about relishing your meal while watching a live mukbang show? If that’s a yes, then we have an incredible place for you. It’s called Mukbang Shows Restaurant. This is a unique gem right in the heart of the city of Dubai. It provides more than just authentic Korean food. Here, you get an unparalleled dining experience. If this has sparked your curiosity, let’s dive deeper.

What is Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is more than your regular Korean restaurant. Here, the viral craze of mukbang Korean BBQ comes alive. Mukbang involves live streaming of people eating. And this restaurant seamlessly integrates it into the dining scene. Picture this. You’re enjoying a hot bowl of Bibimbap. Right in front of you, a Mukbang celebrity is eating and chatting with the guests. This mix of authentic Korean cuisine and live entertainment makes Mukbang Shows Restaurant truly one of a kind in Dubai.

The Best Korean Restaurant in Dubai – Location and Ambiance

Where is the best korean restaurant in Dubai – Mukbang Shows Restaurant

You’ll find Mukbang Shows Restaurant in the buzzing downtown area of Deira Dubai. This makes it one of the most convenient spot for both locals and tourists.

Atmosphere and Decor

Once you step into Mukbang Shows Restaurant, you’re in for a treat. The restaurant has a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Its decor is a unique blend of traditional Korean and modern styles. This creates a distinctive and inviting ambiance.

Menu Highlights

Signature Korean Dishes

The real show-stopper at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is its irresistible, Korean BBQ and Korean menu. You can choose from a range of dishes and side dishes. The best korean food, This includes everything from Kimchi stew to spicy fried chicken and side dishes. Each dish of the best korean food offers a delicious culinary journey through Korea.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Mukbang Shows Restaurant has you covered the best of korean restaurants in dubai. Their menu boasts a rich array of vegetarian and vegan dishes and side dishes. And the best part? such as You don’t have to compromise on flavor.

Drinks and Desserts

After your meal Korean barbecue meal , you can pick from their wide range of drinks. Such as Bubble Tea and fresh juice and mojitos And don’t forget to try out their delightful Korean desserts.

Uniqueness: The Mukbang Element

Live Mukbang Experience

Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers more than just great food. You can enjoy live mukbang shows throughout the day. These shows provide a unique form of entertainment. If you want to They engage diners and add a fun element to your dining experience.

The Mukbang Celebrities

The mukbang celebrities at the restaurant are more than just skilled eaters. IF you want to they also great entertainers. They chat with the guests. They answer their questions. Sometimes, they even share their eating techniques.

Customer Experience

Service Excellence

Mukbang Shows Restaurant takes pride in its top-notch service. The staff is friendly and attentive. Their goal? To make sure every guest has an unforgettable dining experience.

Positive Reviews

Guests can’t stop praising Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The restaurant consistently receives glowing reviews for its unique dining experience. They also appreciate the exceptional food and outstanding customer service. This shower of positive feedback from customers. Underlines why Mukbang Shows Restaurant is the best Korean restaurant in Dubai.


Mukbang Shows Restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It’s a destination for a rich cultural and culinary journey. It’s the perfect spot for food lovers. It’s for mukbang enthusiasts. And it’s for anyone looking for something new and exciting. With its authentic Korean cuisine, vibrant atmosphere, and unique mukbang shows, it certainly stands out. Mukbang Shows Shows Restaurant is truly the best Korean restaurant in Dubai. So if you’re in Dubai and have a craving for Korean food, remember to visit Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Trust us. You won’t regret it.


  1. What is mukbang? Mukbang is a popular online phenomenon that started in South Korea. It involves a host eating large quantities of food while interacting with their audience

  1. Where is Mukbang Shows Restaurant located? You can find Mukbang Shows Restaurant in downtown Dubai. It’s a hot spot for both locals and tourists.

  1. Does Mukbang Shows Restaurant offer vegetarian or vegan options? Absolutely. Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers a wide array of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They never compromise on flavor.

  1. What is the highlight of Mukbang Shows Restaurant? Apart from its authentic Korean food, the highlight of Mukbang Shows Restaurant is its live mukbang shows. They provide a unique and entertaining dining experience.

  1. Why is Mukbang Shows Restaurant considered the best Korean restaurant in Dubai? Mukbang Shows Restaurant stands out for its exceptional food, unique dining experience, and top-notch customer service. That’s why it’s considered the best Korean restaurant in Dubai.

Korean BBQ in Dubai

Discovering Korean BBQ in Dubai

Dubai is a culinary paradise. It has a reputation for being a hub of diverse food cultures. One such food culture that is captivating the city is Korean BBQ. This has become especially popular through mukbang shows. These shows have put a spotlight on a delightful restaurant located in Deira with other branches in Abu Dhabi. Let’s embark on a foodie tour of this place. And discover the mouthwatering beef, chicken, and seafood delights it offers.

The Excitement of Mukbang Shows.

Unraveling the Concept of Mukbang

Mukbang is a trend that originated in South Korea. In these shows, people eat large amounts of food on camera while interacting with viewers. It’s food. It’s entertainment. And it’s a social experience.

The Rising Popularity of Mukbang in Dubai

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and trends. This makes it a hotspot for the popularity of mukbang shows. It’s a fresh and intriguing way to approach food. And the city’s diverse population is loving it.

The Allure of Deira

Deira is a vibrant neighborhood in Dubai. It’s known for its traditional markets and amazing food spots. Amidst this bustling area, you’ll find the mukbang restaurant. It’s serving up sizzling Korean BBQ that is causing quite a stir.

An Introduction to Korean BBQ

The Unique Charm of Korean BBQ.

Premium Meats bbq

Korean BBQ in dubai is not just a meal. It’s an experience. It’s a feast where diners get to grill their own meat. There’s variety in the types of meat and the side dishes (known as banchan). And the fun ritual of wrapping meat in lettuce leaves. All at this restaurant in Dubai

Korean BBQ’s Appeal in Dubai

Dubai is a city that loves dining out. The interactive dining style of Korean BBQ has found a loyal fan base here. It’s a fun. It’s delicious. And it’s a refreshing new addition to the food scene.

Spotlight on Deira’s Famous Mukbang Restaurant.

The Unique Atmosphere

This restaurant has the perfect blend of traditional and modern elements. Grill tables. Cozy seating. Ambient lighting. It all creates a warm and inviting environment.

An Array of Beef, Chicken, and Seafood.

At this Restaurant in Dubai here is a treat for every food lover. Beef, chicken, and seafood options are plenty. Each ready to be grilled to perfection.

Exploring the Korean BBQ in Dubai Experience

A Celebration of Beef

The beef offerings here are divine. Ranging from juicy short ribs to tender sirloin. All marinated in a delightful mix of soy sauce, garlic, sesame seeds and sugar. It’s a feast for all beef lovers.

Savory Chicken Delights

Fried Chicken dishes are a hit here. And why wouldn’t they be? From savory soy garlic to spicy gochujang (red chili paste). Each marinade is carefully chosen to make the chicken dishes truly unforgettable.

Korean BBQ in Dubai – A Symphony of Seafood

If you love seafood. You are in for a treat. Prawns. Scallops. Squid. All are available. All marinated in light and flavorful sauces. And all grilled to perfection.

Catering to Dubai’s Cultural Mosaic

Dubai is a city of many cultures. Korean BBQ in dubai , with its wide appeal, fits right in. At our Korean Restaurant the interactive dining experience. The variety of flavors. All come together to cater to the tastes of the diverse populace. Add to it the entertaining mukbang shows. And you have a dining experience that is more than just a meal.

Wrapping Up Korean BBQ in Dubai

All in all, the Korean BBQ restaurant in Deira is offering something new and exciting. At our Korean Restaurant the combination of Korean BBQ and mukbang shows is innovative. The variety of beef, fried chicken, chicken, and seafood dishes is impressive. It’s more than a meal. It’s an experience.


  1. What is Korean BBQ?
  • Korean BBQ is a fun dining style. It involves diners cooking their own meat on grills built into the dining table.
  1. What is a Mukbang show?
  • Mukbang shows are a trend from South Korea. They involve a host eating large amounts of food while interacting with viewers.
  1. What can I expect at the Korean BBQ restaurant in Deira?
  • Our Korean restaurant offers a variety of beef, chicken, and seafood for Korean BBQ. Plus, they host entertaining Mukbang shows.
  1. Is Korean BBQ popular in Dubai?
  • Yes, Korean BBQ is very popular in Dubai. Its interactive dining style and the variety of flavors are loved by many.
  1. Can I be a part of the Mukbang shows at the restaurant?
  • The rules for participation vary. It’s best to get in touch with the restaurant for detailed information.

Our Location

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is located in Deira Dubai. On Ittihad Road Close to Deira Bus station and Deira City Centre.

Our Phone Number is 048864494

BBQ at Mukbang

Mukbang Shows: The Best Korean Restaurant in Oud Metha, Dubai

Uncovering the Charm of Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant isn’t your average dining establishment. Here. The experience extends beyond just feeding your stomach. It’s a place where you savour every bite. Dive into each complex flavour. And leave with a sense of satisfaction that transcends the physical.

Where is Mukbang Shows Restaurant Located?

The Best Korean Restaurant in Oud Metha Tucked away in the heart of Deira. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is easy to find. Just a short walk from the Oud Metha metro station. And it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

What Sets Mukbang Shows Restaurant Apart

Mukbang Shows Restaurant differentiates itself in three significant ways. It’s all about authentic Korean food. Fresh seafood. And unique beverages like bubble tea and juice.

Authentic Korean Cuisine

Here. You’ll find the best of Korean gastronomy. Every dish is prepared with love. Attention to detail. And a deep respect for traditional Korean cooking techniques.

Savoury Seafood

The restaurant doesn’t stop at just Korean BBQ. You’re treated to a variety of seafood delicacies. Each as fresh and flavourful as the last.

Delicious Bubble Tea and Juice

To quench your thirst. Mukbang Shows Restaurant serves up a selection of bubble teas and juices. Each glass is a refreshing companion to your meal.

The Noteworthy Menu of Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Korean BBQ: A Highlight

Importance of BBQ in Korean Culture

In Korean culture. BBQ is more than just a cooking method. It’s a communal experience. A chance to gather around a table. Share a meal. And strengthen bonds.

The Authentic Korean Food Experience

The menu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a journey through the flavours of Korea. Whether it’s a simple dish like bibimbap. Or a hearty serving of bulgogi. The kitchen team pours its heart into each plate.

Delight in Seafood at Mukbang Shows

At Mukbang Shows Best Korean Restaurant in Oud Metha . You can treat your palate to an array of seafood dishes. All sourced sustainably. Prepared expertly. And served beautifully.

Refresh with Bubble Tea and Juice

No meal at Mukbang Shows is complete without one of their signature beverages. From classic bubble tea. To unique juice blends. There’s a

A Closer Look at Mukbang Shows Restaurant’s Price

An Affordable Korean Food Experience

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is committed to providing a premium dining experience at a reasonable price. The menu is priced competitively. Offering excellent value for authentic Korean cuisine.

How Mukbang Shows Restaurant Stands out in Dubai

Comparison with Other Restaurants in the Area

Mukbang Shows Restaurant doesn’t just compete. It stands out. It brings a unique touch to the Korean dining scene in Dubai. Let’s compare it with other popular establishments in the area.

Gangnam Korean BBQ

While Gangnam Korean BBQ also offers a great BBQ experience. Mukbang Shows Restaurant ups the ante with its authentic recipes and cozy ambience.

Seoul Garden

Seoul Garden might be a popular choice for some. But Mukbang Shows’ focus on a comprehensive dining experience sets it apart.

Hyu Korean Restaurant

Hyu Korean Restaurant has its merits. Yet. Mukbang Shows brings to the table a wider variety of Korean dishes. Plus. Seafood options and bubble teas that are not to be missed.


Choosing a restaurant isn’t just about the food. It’s about the experience. The atmosphere. The service. At Mukbang Shows Restaurant. You get all that and more. It’s more than a Korean restaurant. It’s a gateway to the rich culinary culture of Korea. Situated in the bustling neighbourhood of Oud Metha. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is waiting to welcome you with open arms and a table full of mouth-watering dishes. Are you ready to step in and savour the best of Korean cuisine?


  1. What is the best dish at Mukbang Shows Restaurant? While all our dishes are beloved. Our Korean BBQ has won many hearts.
  1. Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant affordable? Yes. We offer an authentic Korean food experience at competitive prices.
  1. Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant located near Oud Metha metro station? Yes. We are a short walk away from the Oud Metha metro station.
  1. How does Mukbang Shows Restaurant compare with other Korean restaurants in the area? Mukbang Shows Restaurant stands out for its authentic recipes. A variety of dishes including seafood. And refreshing bubble teas and juices.
  1. What beverages does Mukbang Shows Restaurant offer? We serve a variety of bubble teas and juices.
The Best Korean BBQ Near Dubai MEdia City

The Best Korean Restaurant Near Burjuman

Take a step into a world filled with the diverse flavors of Korean cuisine right here in Dubai. The city is known for its vibrant dining scene. Among these gastronomic wonders are a range of high-quality Korean restaurants. They will certainly meet your Korean food cravings.

The Ascendance of Korean Cuisine in Dubai

The world of Korean cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors. It brings together vibrant colors and nutritious dishes. These aspects have steadily garnered the attention of food enthusiasts in Dubai. Whether you are a local, a tourist, or an expat. The appetite for Korean dishes is on the rise.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The Best of Korean Cuisine in Dubai

Location and Ease of Access

Mukbang Shows Restaurant sits strategically near Burjuman. This authentic Korean food haven is an oasis of flavor. For those looking for a “korean restaurant near me”. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a top choice.

A Unique Culinary Adventure with Mukbang Shows

The restaurant has a special allure with its Mukbang show. This food broadcasting trend hails from Korea. Guests can relish their meals while enjoying Mukbang. This immersive experience adds a unique twist to dining.

Authentic Korean BBQ

The soul of Mukbang Shows Restaurant is its Korean BBQ. This crowd-pleaser involves high-quality cuts of meat. They are prepared at your table. It encapsulates the very spirit of Korean dining.

A Wide Array of Authentic Korean Dishes

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes. From wholesome stews to the iconic Bibimbap. The menu highlights the depth of Korean cuisine. It’s a top pick for those searching for “korean restaurant al barsha”.

Revitalizing Bubble Tea and Juices

Mukbang Shows Restaurant takes pride in its Bubble Tea and fresh juices. These beverages offer a delightful counterbalance to the rich Korean dishes. It’s a refreshing and satisfying experience.

Korean Restaurant Near Me

Whether you’re in Sharjah or Deira or near the Dubai Mall. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is worth the journey. It is the first recommendation for those typing “korean restaurant dubai near me”.

Korean Restaurant Al Barsha

Al Barsha houses a variety of Korean restaurants. But none offer the unique combination of a Mukbang show and Korean BBQ. This combo is the signature of Mukbang Shows Restaurant.

Korean Restaurant Dubai Near Me

If you’re searching for the best “korean restaurant dubai near me”. Mukbang Shows Restaurant should top your list. With its prime location and authentic Korean flavors. It is the embodiment of Korean dining in Dubai.

Korean Restaurant Sharjah

The distance between Sharjah and Dubai shouldn’t deter Korean food lovers. Mukbang Shows Restaurant’s enticing menu is worth the journey. It’s a must-visit when you’re looking for “korean restaurant sharjah”.

Korean Restaurant Deira

Deira’s visit isn’t complete without stopping by Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Among the diverse culinary offerings of Deira. Mukbang Shows Restaurant stands out when you’re looking for “korean restaurant deira”.

Korean Restaurant Dubai Mall

Shopping at the Dubai Mall? Why not explore Korean cuisine? Mukbang Shows Restaurant is the place to go when you look for a “korean restaurant dubai mall”. It offers a culinary retreat amid your shopping spree.

Korean Restaurants Dubai

Among all “korean restaurants dubai”. Mukbang Shows Restaurant shines for its unique dining experience. The combination of a Mukbang show. Authentic Korean BBQ. A prime location.

Korean Restaurant Abu Dhabi

If you’re in Abu Dhabi, a trip to Dubai for Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a must. If you’re craving Korean food and searching for a “korean restaurant abu dhabi”. Consider an exciting culinary adventure to Dubai.

Affordable Korean Restaurant in Dubai

High-quality, authentic Korean cuisine doesn’t have to be expensive. Mukbang Shows Restaurant takes pride in being an “affordable korean restaurant in dubai”. The restaurant offers great value without sacrificing taste or quality.

In Conclusion

In a city as diverse as Dubai, it’s not surprising that Korean cuisine has found a home. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Korean BBQ, intrigued by Mukbang shows, or looking to try Korean cuisine for the first time. Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers an unmatched dining experience. So, the next time you search for a “korean restaurant near me”. Remember Mukbang Shows Restaurant near Burjuman. This is a culinary journey to Korea you won’t forget.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is the specialty of Mukbang Shows Restaurant? Mukbang Shows Restaurant specializes in authentic Korean BBQ and traditional Korean dishes. They also host Mukbang shows for an interactive dining experience.
  1. Can I reach Mukbang Shows Restaurant from Sharjah and Abu Dhabi? Yes, Mukbang Shows Restaurant is easily accessible from all parts of the UAE. Including Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.
  1. Does Mukbang Shows Restaurant offer vegetarian options? While the restaurant is renowned for its Korean BBQ. it also has a range of vegetarian-friendly dishes.
  1. Do I need to make reservations at Mukbang Shows Restaurant? While walk-ins are welcome. it’s recommended to make reservations during peak hours or for large groups.
  1. Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant a budget-friendly Korean dining option? Absolutely. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is known for offering high-quality. authentic Korean dishes at reasonable prices.
the best bubble tea

Discover the Best Korean Restaurant in Al Muraqqabat, Dubai


Are you longing for an exquisite Korean dining experience in the vibrant neighborhood of Al Muraqqabat, Dubai? Look no further than Mukbang Shows Restaurant! Renowned for its authentic Korean BBQ. Diverse selection of Korean dishes. Fresh seafood delights. And refreshing bubble tea. This culinary gem is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. Join us on a captivating gastronomic journey as we unveil the best Korean restaurant in Al Muraqqabat, Dubai.

The Rising Popularity of Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine has been captivating taste buds worldwide. And Dubai is no exception. With its unique flavors. Wholesome ingredients. And visually appealing presentations. Korean food has become a global sensation. Enticing people from all walks of life. The rich and diverse nature of Korean cuisine promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Exploring Al Muraqqabat, Dubai

Nestled in the heart of Dubai. Al Muraqqabat is a vibrant neighborhood. Tenowned for its cultural heritage and thriving culinary scene. Its bustling streets and lively atmosphere. Make it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Korean dining experience.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant: A Culinary Gem

Among the multitude of dining options in Al Muraqqabat. Mukbang Shows Restaurant shines as a true culinary gem. With its unwavering commitment to authenticity, quality, and exceptional service. This restaurant has garnered a stellar reputation among both locals and tourists.

Korean BBQ: A Sizzling Delight

Indulge in the sizzling experience of Korean BBQ at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Prepared with meticulous precision. The succulent grilled meats. Including bulgogi and galbi. Are served right at your table. The interactive and convivial nature of Korean BBQ. Makes it a favorite choice for gatherings and celebrations.

Authentic Korean Food for Discerning Palates

At Mukbang Shows Restaurant. You’ll find an extensive menu featuring a wide array of authentic Korean dishes. That cater to all palates. From beloved classics like bibimbap and kimchi to lesser-known delicacies. Like samgyetang and haemul pajeon. Each dish is prepared with a perfect blend of flavors, textures, and aromatic spices.

Seafood Galore: Fresh Catches from the Ocean

For seafood enthusiasts. Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers an abundance of fresh seafood delights. From mouthwatering grilled fish to flavorful seafood stews and tantalizing seafood pancakes. The menu showcases the ocean’s finest treasures. Immerse yourself in the taste of the sea and savor every exquisite bite.

Bubble Tea: A Refreshing Beverage

Complement your meal with a refreshing beverage at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. And don’t miss their delightful bubble tea. Originating from Taiwan. This trendy drink has taken the world by storm. Indulge in a variety of flavors and toppings. From the classic milk tea with tapioca pearls to fruity blends with popping boba. It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst and add a touch of sweetness to your dining experience.

An Unforgettable Dining Experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant strives to create more than just a delicious meal. It aims to provide an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you step inside. You’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a cozy ambiance. The attentive and friendly staff will guide you through the menu. Ensuring your culinary journey is truly memorable.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

At Mukbang Shows Restaurant. They believe in honoring Korean culinary traditions while embracing innovative techniques. The talented chefs bring their expertise and creativity to the kitchen.

Impeccable Service and Welcoming Atmosphere

Apart from its delectable offerings. Mukbang Shows Restaurant takes pride in its impeccable service and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is well-trained and knowledgeable. Ready to cater to your needs and provide recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular. You’ll be treated like a valued guest throughout your dining experience.

Reservations and Opening Hours

To ensure a seamless dining experience. It’s advisable to make a reservation at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Especially during peak hours. You can easily book a table through their website or by calling their dedicated reservation line. The restaurant operates from [opening hours]. On [days of the week]. Allowing you to enjoy a Korean culinary extravaganza at your convenience.

Reviews and Testimonials

Mukbang Shows Restaurant has garnered rave reviews and positive testimonials from satisfied diners. Customers praise the restaurant for its exceptional food quality. Authentic flavors. Attentive service. And inviting ambiance. Many have expressed their delight in discovering this hidden gem in Al Muraqqabat, Dubai. And highly recommend it to fellow food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable Korean dining experience.

How to Get to Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is conveniently located near Al Muraqqabat, Dubai. Making it easily accessible for both residents and tourists. The Restaurant is located in Deira Close to Deira City Centre. Whether you’re driving or utilizing public transportation. You’ll find it effortless to embark on your culinary adventure. Tt Mukbang Shows Restaurant.


If you’re in search of the best Korean restaurant near Al Muraqqabat, Dubai. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is the ultimate destination for a memorable dining experience. With its authentic Korean BBQ. Diverse selection of Korean dishes. Fresh seafood delights. And delightful bubble tea. It caters to diverse palates and guarantees a feast for the senses. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Korea and embark on a culinary journey. That will leave you craving for more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant suitable for vegetarians or vegans? A: Absolutely! Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu to cater to different dietary preferences.

Q: Can I make special requests or dietary restrictions known in advance? A: Certainly! Mukbang Shows Restaurant understands the importance of accommodating dietary restrictions and special requests. When making a reservation. Feel free to inform the staff about any specific requirements. And they will gladly accommodate your needs.

Q: Are there options for gluten-free dishes? A: Yes, Mukbang Shows Restaurant provides gluten-free options. Their menu includes gluten-free choices that are prepared with utmost care to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Q: Can I host private events or parties at Mukbang Shows Restaurant? A: Absolutely! Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers private event hosting for special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, corporate event, or any other gathering. Their dedicated team will assist you in planning and creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Q: Is it necessary to have prior knowledge of Korean cuisine to enjoy the dining experience? A: Not at all! Mukbang Shows Restaurant welcomes guests with varying levels of familiarity with Korean cuisine. The staff is more than happy to guide you through the menu. Provide recommendations. And answer any questions you may have. Ensuring that you have a delightful dining experience regardless of your knowledge of Korean food.

The Best Korean Restaurant Near the Burj Khalifa, Dubai


It’s no secret that Dubai is a melting pot of diverse cultures. And this multiculturalism is vividly expressed through its eclectic food scene. One of the culinary treasures you can find in this dynamic city is Korean cuisine. But where can you find the best Korean restaurant in Dubai. Articularly near the iconic Burj Khalifa?

The Allure of Korean Cuisine

The Variety of Korean Food

Korean cuisine offers a wide range of dishes that cater to various palates. From mild and savory to spicy and bold. Its versatility, combined with the unique combination of ingredients and preparation techniques. Makes it a hit worldwide.

The Health Benefits of Korean Food

Another reason why Korean food is globally popular is its nutritional benefits. Traditional Korean meals are well-balanced, rich in vegetables. And often fermented, promoting a healthy gut.

The Unique Culinary Experience of Korean BBQ

Traditional Korean BBQ

When talking about Korean food, one cannot miss mentioning the renowned Korean BBQ. It’s a unique dining experience where you grill your meat at the table, making it a fun and interactive event.

Korean BBQ in Dubai

And yes, you can experience authentic Korean BBQ in Dubai. Various restaurants offer this distinctive culinary experience. making it a must-try for food enthusiasts.

Korean Restaurants in Dubai

The Popularity of Korean Restaurants in Dubai

The number of Korean restaurants in Dubai has seen a steady increase over the years. The city’s cosmopolitan crowd has developed a taste for the rich flavors of Korea. Leading to the establishment of several Korean eateries.

Discovering the Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai

While there are many Korean restaurants in Dubai. Only a few can claim to offer the perfect blend of authentic taste, ambiance, and service. That’s where the search for the best Korean restaurant Dubai begins.

The Best Korean Restaurant near Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Why it’s the Best

The title of the best Korean BBQ Dubai goes to none other than Mukbang Shows Restaurant Restaurant. With its location near Burj Khalifa, it’s not just the food that’s impressive, but also the view.

What to Expect

Kore Restaurant offers a broad menu of traditional Korean dishes. Including the much-loved Korean BBQ. Their chefs have mastered the art of blending flavors. To create dishes that will transport you to Korea.


When it comes to satisfying your Korean food cravings in Dubai. Mukbang Shows Restaurant near Burj Khalifa is the place to be. Its delicious food. comfortable setting, and incredible views make it the best Korean culinary experience in the city

The Best Korean Restaurant near Burj Khalifa, Dubai (Continued)

Authentic Korean Experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

One of the key factors that make Mukbang Shows Restaurant the best Korean restaurant in Dubai. Is its commitment to authenticity. From the ingredients used to the traditional cooking methods. Everything is done to ensure a true Korean experience. This dedication to authenticity can be tasted in every bite.

Korean BBQ Like No Other

The Korean BBQ Dubai at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is simply incomparable. The succulent meats, are marinated to perfection and grilled right at your table. Paired with a variety of side dishes, make for an unforgettable dining experience.

A Restaurant for Everyone

Whether you are a local, an expat, or a tourist looking for Korean restaurants near me. Mukbang Shows Restaurant is an excellent choice. Its proximity to Burj Khalifa makes it a convenient spot for anyone in the vicinity.

A Feast for the Senses

Mukbang Shows Restaurant isn’t just about great food. It’s also about creating an atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. The restaurant’s decor is infused with Korean aesthetics. and the mesmerizing views of the Burj Khalifa add a magical touch.

Outstanding Customer Service

What sets Mukbang Shows Restaurant apart from other Korean restaurants in Dubai. Is its outstanding service. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist. ensuring a pleasant experience for every guest.


In conclusion, if you are in Dubai and craving authentic Korean cuisine. Head over to Mukbang Shows Restaurant near Burj Khalifa. It offers a wide variety of Korean dishes. Including the best Korean BBQ in Dubai. served in a beautiful setting with spectacular views. It’s not just a meal; it’s a complete cultural and sensory experience.


Q1: How can I find Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Dubai?

A1: Mukbang Shows Restaurant is located near the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You can use Google Maps for precise directions.

Q2: Why is Mukbang Shows Restaurant considered the best Korean BBQ Dubai?

A2: Mukbang Shows Restaurant is renowned for its authentic Korean BBQ. The meats are marinated to perfection and grilled at your table. providing a unique and interactive dining experience.

Q3: What type of Korean dishes does Mukbang Shows Restaurant offer?

A3: Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers a wide variety of Korean dishes. from traditional soups and stews to modern interpretations of classic Korean food. Their Korean BBQ is a must-try.

Q4: Where is Mukbang Shows Restaurant located in Dubai?

A4: Mukbang Shows Restaurant is conveniently located near the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Offering diners both a delicious meal and a stunning view.

Q5: Does Mukbang Shows Restaurant cater to dietary restrictions?

A5: Yes, Mukbang Shows Restaurant has options for those with dietary restrictions. It’s recommended to contact them directly for more detailed information.

Samgyupsal Deira

Samgyupsal Deira: The Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience in Dubai

Samgyupsal Deira Delighting your taste buds with authentic Korean cuisine at unbeatable prices

Introducing Samgyupsal Deira: The Korean BBQ Sensation in Dubai

Dubai, known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant food scene. Has recently become home to a new gem: Samgyupsal Deira. This restaurant, inspired by the popular Korean mukbang shows. Has opened a branch in Deira, Dubai. Offering the finest Korean BBQ experience in the UAE. Samgyupsal Deira has quickly become a go-to spot for food enthusiasts. Looking to indulge in authentic Korean cuisine.

Authentic Korean Cuisine at Samgyupsal Deira

Samgyupsal Deira takes pride in delivering the best Korean BBQ experience. by offering a wide range of traditional Korean dishes. The menu features a variety of marinated meats. Fresh vegetables, and mouthwatering sauces, all prepared with the highest quality ingredients. The restaurant’s chefs use authentic Korean recipes and cooking techniques. Ensuring that each dish is true to its Korean roots.

Samgyupsal: The Star of the Show

The restaurant’s namesake dish. Woo Samgyupsal, is a popular Korean BBQ dish that consists of grilled beef. This tender and juicy cut of meat is marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic, sugar. And other traditional Korean spices. At Samgyupsal Deira, you can grill the meat yourself on table-top grills. Allowing you to cook your meal to your preferred level of doneness. This interactive dining experience is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Making it a fun and social event.

Other Delectable Dishes at Samgyupsal Deira

In addition to Samgyupsal, the restaurant offers a variety of other Korean dishes, such as:


Bulgogi, which means “fire meat,” is thinly sliced beef marinated in a blend of soy sauce. Sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger. The meat is then grilled to perfection and served with a side of steamed rice and fresh vegetables.

Kimchi Jjigae

This hearty Korean stew is made with fermented kimchi, tofu, and beef. The spicy and sour flavors of the kimchi create a complex and delicious taste. Making it a favorite among Korean food enthusiasts.


Japchae is a popular Korean noodle dish made from sweet potato noodles. Stir-fried with a mix of vegetables, meat, and a savory sauce. The dish is both flavorful and colorful, making it a delightful addition to any meal.

Samgyupsal Deira: A Dining Experience You Won’t Forget

The atmosphere at Samgyupsal Deira is cozy and inviting. With modern décor and comfortable seating. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand. To help you navigate the menu. And ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Delivery and Catering Services

Can’t make it to the restaurant? No problem! Samgyupsal Deira offers delivery services. To bring the best Korean BBQ experience right to your doorstep. With a simple phone call or online order. you can enjoy the delicious flavors of authentic Korean cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to delivery. Mukbang Shows Restaurant Deira , Samgyupsal Deira also offers catering services for special events. Including corporate gatherings, parties, and weddings. You can trust the team at Samgyupsal Deira to provide exceptional food. And service for your next event

The Best Korean restaurant near Al Ghurair Dubai: Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Dubai, the city of gold. Is not just famous for its architectural marvels and luxurious lifestyle. It is equally renowned for its diverse culinary scene. In recent years, the perfect place for Korean cuisine has gained notable popularity. Among the food enthusiasts of this cosmopolitan city.

The Rise of Korean Cuisine in Dubai

Korean food. With its unique flavors and perfect place for diverse range of dishes. Has found a special place in the hearts of Dubai’s residents and visitors. From mouthwatering Bulgogi to delicious Kimchi, Korean food offers an unmatched culinary experience.

The Al Ghurair Area: A Food Paradise

In the heart of Dubai, an undisputed food paradise. It is here that food lovers can discover the best restaurant in the city. Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The Best Korean Food in dubai

Korean Delicacies at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

This restaurant Korean BBQ is a haven for anyone craving authentic Korean dishes. Its menu is a delightful mix of traditional recipes and contemporary Korean cuisine.

What Makes Mukbang Shows Restaurant Stand Out?

The Best Korean Restaurants , Several aspects set Mukbang Shows Restaurant apart from other dining options in Dubai.

Unlimited Korean BBQ at 69 AED

One of the biggest draws of Mukbang Shows Restaurant is its unlimited Korean BBQ offer. Starting at just 69 AED with side dishes.

The BBQ Experience

The Best Korean Restaurants BBQ experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant near dubai is nothing short of spectacular. Popular Restaurants The tantalizing smell of the grill. Combined with the freshest ingredients, side dishes, creates a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Unmatched Packages: Unlimited Korean Fried Chicken and Seafood Boil

In addition to their fantastic Korean BBQ. The restaurant also offers unlimited Korean fried chicken. And a seafood boil package, allowing patrons to indulge in an array of flavorsome dishes.

The Taste of Authenticity

Every good food dish at Mukbang Shows Restaurant exudes authenticity. Each bite transports you straight to the heart of Korea, making it a true culinary journey.

The Authentic Korean Dishes of Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant prides itself on serving the best authentic Korean dishes.

A Journey Through The Menu for the best Korean restaurant near al ghurair centre

Their good food Best korean food menu menu is a wonderful journey through Korean cuisine. Offering everything from hearty main courses to delightful desserts.

Must-Try Dishes

While every dish is exceptional. The Korean BBQ, fried chicken. And seafood boil are absolute must-tries for first-time visitors. All good food

The Mukbang Experience Korean restaurant

Mukbang is not just about good food, it’s an experience.

What is Mukbang?

Originating in South Korea. Mukbang restaurant serves is a unique phenomenon where people eat large amounts of food. While interacting with their audience. It’s more than a meal – it’s a social event.

Mukbang at the best restaurant near al ghurair

At Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Customers can immerse themselves in this unique cultural experience, creating unforgettable dining memories.


Mukbang Shows Restaurant popular restaurants near al ghurair centre offers an unbeatable blend of delicious food, reasonable prices. And a unique dining experience. It’s more than just a meal – it’s a cultural journey that offers a taste of Korea in the heart of Dubai. With unlimited packages and authentic dishes. It’s no wonder it’s recognized as the best Korean restaurant in Dubai. Enjoy the Best Bubble Tea


  1. What is the price of the unlimited Korean BBQ at Mukbang Shows Restaurant? The unlimited Korean BBQ at Mukbang Shows Restaurant starts at just 69 AED.
  1. What other packages does Mukbang Shows Restaurant offer? In addition to the BBQ, the restaurant offers unlimited Korean fried chicken and a seafood boil package. Unlike Romantic Baka which is not unlimited.
  1. Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant suitable for vegetarians? While the restaurant specializes in meat dishes. They also offer a variety of vegetarian-friendly options.
  1. Where is Mukbang Shows Restaurant located? Mukbang Shows Restaurant is located in Dubai.
  1. What is the Mukbang experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant? The Mukbang experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Involves enjoying a variety of Korean dishes while interacting with fellow diners. Much like the original Mukbang shows in Korea.
Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Marina

Best Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Marina: Mukbang Shows Restaurant


Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Marina- Korean cuisine has gained immense popularity worldwide and known for its rich flavors. Vibrant spices, and diverse array of dishes. Dubai Marina, is a culinary destination. Offers a wide range of international dining options. And among them, Mukbang Shows Restaurant stands out as the best Korean restaurant in the area. With its unlimited Korean BBQ, and seafood delicacies. Delectable Korean fried chicken. Refreshing bubble tea, and an extensive ala carte menu. Dubai Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts craving authentic Korean flavors.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant the Best Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Marina

Mukbang Shows Restaurant takes inspiration from the popular Korean trend of “mukbang”. where people gather to watch hosts indulge in delicious meals. While providing an entertaining show. This unique concept sets Mukbang Shows Restaurant apart from traditional Korean dining establishments. Creating an engaging and memorable experience for diners.

The restaurant boasts a modern and inviting ambiance. with comfortable seating arrangements. That are perfect for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings. The attentive and friendly staff adds to the warm atmosphere. making every visit to Mukbang Shows Restaurant a delightful occasion.

Korean BBQ and Seafood Options– Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Marina

One of the highlights of Mukbang Shows Restaurant is its unlimited Korean BBQ. Offering an extensive selection of premium meats and seafood. From succulent marinated beef to mouthwatering shrimp and scallops. Diners can savor the authentic flavors of Korean barbecue at their own pace. The interactive grilling experience. Adds an element of fun and allows guests to customize their dishes. According to their preferences.

For seafood lovers. Mukbang Shows Restaurant showcases a variety of fresh and flavorful options. From grilled fish to spicy seafood stews. The restaurant ensures that diners experience the true essence of Korean seafood cuisine. Each dish is prepared with care and expertise. Using high-quality ingredients to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Unlimited Korean Fried Chicken

If you’re a fan of crispy. Flavorful fried chicken, Mukbang Shows Restaurant has got you covered. They offer unlimited servings of delectable Korean fried chicken. Available in a range of sauces and spice levels. Whether you prefer the classic soy garlic or crave the fiery kick of the spicy glaze. The restaurant’s fried chicken is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Seafood Boil and Bubble Tea

Mukbang Shows Restaurant goes beyond the traditional Korean fare. By offering a unique seafood boil experience. Diners can indulge in a communal feast of succulent seafood. Cooked with a flavorful blend of spices and served with various dipping sauces.

the meal, creating unforgettable memories with friends and family.

To complement the flavors of the dishes. Mukbang Shows Restaurant also offers a refreshing selection of bubble tea. From classic milk tea to fruity flavors and indulgent toppings. Their bubble tea menu caters to a variety of tastes. Sip on a cool, sweet beverage while enjoying your meal. Adding a touch of fun and novelty to your dining experience.

Ala Carte Dishes

In addition to their specialty offerings. Mukbang Shows Restaurant provides an extensive ala carte menu. That showcases a wide range of Korean delicacies. From traditional favorites like bibimbap and bulgogi. To lesser-known gems like jjajangmyeon and tteokbokki there’s something to please every palate. Each dish is crafted with attention to detail. Ensuring authentic flavors and a satisfying dining experience.

Why Mukbang Shows Restaurant is the Best Korean Restaurant near Dubai Marina

Mukbang Shows Restaurant has earned its reputation. As the best Korean restaurant near Dubai Marina for several reasons. Firstly, the korean food restaurant takes pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Ensuring that each dish is made with the freshest produce. And authentic Korean spices.

The flavors at Mukbang Shows Restaurant are truly authentic. Transporting diners to the vibrant streets of Seoul. The chefs pay meticulous attention to the recipes. Using traditional cooking techniques. To create dishes that capture the essence of Korean cuisine.

Variety is another key factor that sets the best Korean Restaurants Mukbang Shows Restaurant apart. With their extensive menu and diverse offerings. Diners can explore different flavors and textures. Catering to various dietary preferences and cravings. Whether you’re a meat lover, seafood enthusiast, or vegetarian. There’s something to satisfy every palate such as Kimchi Jjigae

The korean food dining experience at the Best Korean Restaurants Mukbang Shows Restaurant goes beyond the exceptional food. The restaurant’s ambiance, with its modern decor and cozy seating. Creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. The staff, known for their friendly and attentive service. Ensure that every guest feels valued and well taken care of.

Despite offering an exceptional culinary experience, Mukbang Shows Restaurant maintains affordable prices. They believe that everyone should have access to delicious Korean cuisine. Without breaking the bank. Making it an accessible choice for both locals and tourists in Dubai Marina.

Our Location

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is Located in Deira Dubai

Bus Station – ديرة – Al Ittihad Rd – next to Deira – Port Saeed – Dubai

Our Phone number is 048864494


Mukbang Shows Restaurant korean food is undoubtedly the best Korean restaurant near Dubai Marina. Offering an extraordinary dining experience that combines authentic flavors. A unique concept, and a welcoming atmosphere. From their unlimited Korean BBQ and seafood options. To the mouthwatering Korean fried chicken. Seafood boil, and refreshing bubble tea. Every visit to Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a delightful culinary adventure.


  1. Is there a vegetarian option available at Mukbang Shows Restaurant?
  • Yes. Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian dishes. ensuring there are options for those who prefer a meat-free diet at the Best Korean Restaurants in Dubai
  1. Can I make a reservation at the restaurant?
  • No. Our Dubai Branch is Walk-in only.
  1. Is Mukbang Shows Restaurant family-friendly?
  • Absolutely! Mukbang Shows Restaurant welcomes families and provides a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for guests of all ages.
  1. Do they offer delivery services?
  • Yes, Mukbang Shows Restaurant provides delivery services. You can enjoy their delicious Korean cuisine in the comfort of your own home or office.
  1. What are the operating hours of the restaurant?
  • Mukbang Shows Restaurant is open from 12PM until 1 AM weekdays and 11AM until 1AM weekends.

Here are some of the dishes that you can try at Mukbang Shows Restaurant: Authentic Korean Dishes

  • Korean BBQ: This is a popular Korean food dish where you cook your own meat and vegetables on a grill at your table.
  • Seafood: Mukbang Shows Restaurant has a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, including grilled fish, shrimp, and squid.
  • Fried chicken: Korean fried chicken is known for its crispy skin and juicy meat.
  • Noodles: Korean noodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be served in a variety of dishes. Our Favorite is Kimchi Jjigae
  • Sweets: Korean desserts are often sweet and chewy, and they often feature red bean paste.

Here are some of the other features that Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers:

  • Private dining rooms: Mukbang Shows Restaurant has private dining rooms that are perfect for special occasions.
  • Korean cultural experiences: Mukbang Shows Restaurant offers a variety of Authentic Korean Dishes Korean cultural experiences, such as live music and dance performances.

If you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Korean meal, Korean Restaurants in Dubai , Mukbang Shows Restaurant is the perfect place to go. The restaurant is located in Dubai Marina, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

The Best Korean BBQ Near Dubai MEdia City

Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Media City: The Best Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Media City

Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Media City. Dubai, the City of Gold, is home to a myriad of cuisines, a testament to its cosmopolitan nature.

Setting the Scene: Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City stands as a hub for global and regional media companies. And an oasis for food lovers. Within this bustling metropolis.

The Korean Food Scene in Dubai

thrives, offering a variety of options for every palate.

Among these eateries. Mukbang Shows stands out as the premier Korean restaurant. Korean Restaurant Korean Restaurant Near Dubai Media City offering an experience that transcends mere dining. Here, you’re not just eating. You’re partaking in a sensory journey that whisks you away to the vibrant streets of Seoul.

The Mukbang Shows Experience

What sets Mukbang Shows apart? For starters

Authentic Korean Dishes

That is crafted with precision and passion. The menu is a gastronomic delight. With options that satisfy both traditionalists and those seeking a unique culinary adventure.

Unlimited Korean BBQ

Starting at just 69 AED, you can feast on Unlimited Korean BBQ. This package allows you to savor an array of perfectly marinated and grilled meats. A true BBQ lover’s paradise.

Unlimited Korean Fried Chicken

For the poultry enthusiasts, the Unlimited Korean Fried Chicken is a must-try. Each piece is crispy, juicy, and drenched in a symphony of flavors that hits all the right notes.

Unlimited Seafood Boil

Seafood aficionados, rejoice! The Unlimited Seafood Boil is an oceanic feast. That offers an assortment of the freshest catch. Cooked to perfection in a flavorful broth.

The Atmosphere at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Stepping into Mukbang Shows. You’re enveloped by a warm and inviting atmosphere. That perfectly blends modern elegance with traditional Korean charm. It’s a place where you can unwind, enjoy good food, and create lasting memories.

What Makes Mukbang Shows Stand Out?

Aside from the mouth-watering food. What truly sets Mukbang Shows Dubai apart. Is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. Every dish, every ingredient, and every flavor is meticulously curated. To deliver an unparalleled dining experience.

The Value for Money

One of the standout aspects of Mukbang Shows is the value for money it offers. The unlimited packages, starting at 69 AED. Ensure that you can indulge to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Countless customer reviews and testimonials attest to the exceptional service. Food, and overall experience at Mukbang Shows

Authenticity and Quality: The Mukbang Shows Promise

Mukbang Shows is more than just a restaurant – it’s a promise of authenticity and quality. Each dish represents the rich culinary history of Korea. Prepared with ingredients imported directly from the homeland. The restaurant goes the extra mile to ensure you experience a slice of Korea in every bite.

Visiting Mukbang Shows

Located conveniently near Dubai Media City, Mukbang Shows is easily accessible for both lunch and dinner. Whether you’re planning a get-together with friends or a quiet dinner, Mukbang Shows has got you covered.

Location and Hours

You can find Mukbang Shows Near Deira City Center. The restaurant is open from 12 PM – 1 AM and 11 AM – 1 AM on weekends The Restaurant is always buzzing with energy and filled with the tantalizing aroma of Korean cuisine.


In a city teeming with global cuisines. Mukbang Shows has carved a niche for itself as the best Korean restaurant near Dubai Media City. With its authentic dishes. Unlimited BBQ, and fried chicken packages, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s no wonder that patrons keep coming back for more. If you’re looking for a place where value meets quality and tradition meets innovation. Mukbang Shows is your go-to destination

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the price range at Mukbang Shows? Mukbang Shows offers a range of options, including unlimited BBQ starting at just 69 AED.
  1. Is the seafood fresh at Mukbang Shows? Absolutely! The seafood at Mukbang Shows is sourced daily to ensure freshness and quality.
  1. Do I need to make a reservation at Mukbang Shows? We accept walkin’s only
  1. What are the opening hours of Mukbang Shows? Mukbang Shows is open from 12PM – 1AM , perfect for both lunch and dinner.
  1. What is the location of Mukbang Shows? Mukbang Shows is conveniently located near Dubai Media City at Deira City Center. On Ittihad Road near Deira Bus Station.