Bibimbap Lunch Bento Box Special

Bibimbap Lunch Bento Box Special

Exciting news for foodies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Bibimbap bento boxes are now available for lunch at Mukbang Shows Restaurant!

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean food dish made of warm white rice. Bibimbap rice is topped with a variety of seasoned, sautéed, and pickled vegetables and beef .

Try our Bibimbap lunch box with your hands out of bibimbap bento boxes. This method adds an interesting experience. This is like the traditional Seoul style of eating bibimbap.

The bibimbap lunch bento box also expands Mukbang Shows bibimbap's menu.

This box comes with the following.

Drink: Coke or Sprite

Sogogi Beef Soup


Yangnyeom Chicken

Beef Bulgogi

Coffee or Tea

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