Korean Shaved Ice Dessert Bingsu

Korean Shaved Ice
Korean Shaved Ice Dessert Bingsu

Korean Shaved Ice Dessert Bingsu

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The remedy for chilling off on a hot day with a pleasant treat. Bingsu, Korean shaved ice is the ideal treat to do precisely that. Frosty and smooth and with a limitless selection of garnishes what's not to adore about it

What Is Bingsu?

Just like frozen yogurt, Bingsu is produced using frozen cream or milk. its a kind of Korean shaved ice where a block of frozen milk or cream is ground or shaved utilizing a blade to make a fleecy snow like desert.

Bingsu typically accompanies garnishes its recipe on top of the mount of shaved ice. Red bean , rice cake and groundnut powder are a portion of the conventional fixings. other well known fixings incorporate natural products consolidated milk, sweets and treats

Korean Shaved Ice Similar to ice cream, Bingsu is made from frozen cream or milk. Bingsu is a type of Korean shaved ice that comes with toppings on top of the mound of shaved ice. The toppings include beans and rice cake, as well as condensed milk and cookies. It’s also available in a variety of flavors just like ice cream.

There are numerous flavors

Our Delicious Korean Shaved Ice Recipe is Available in 3 flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Red Bean
  • Mango
Where can you find Bingsu Korean Shaved ice?

Mukbang Shows Restaurant has not only Bingu but also Bingsu Milk tea.  We a team of chef's that are professionals of how to make Bingsu.  That is a combination of both Bingu and Milk tea including pearls.   The taste is amazing.  A sweet kick that will instantly get you in a perfect mood!

Mukbang Shows has two location in Abu Dhabi where you can purchase Bingsu.   Muroor Road oppsite of Grand Emirates Market and Electra Street behind Sun and Sand Sports close to City Seasons Hotel.

We are proud to serve the best Bingsu in Abu Dhabi!

Eat in at Mukbang Shows Restaurant or Order our with or Korean Food Delivery Website