Steak Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is renowned for its opulent lifestyle, stunning architecture, and a culinary scene that rivals the best in the world. Among the myriad dining options, steak lovers will find a paradise of perfectly cooked, juicy steaks that promise an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this guide will take you through the best places to enjoy steak in Abu Dhabi.

Top Steak Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Oak Room, The Edition

Oak Room, led by Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, is a top contender for the best steak Abu Dhabi. The menu features exceptional cuts like the Shanchoku wagyu ribeye and USDA prime tenderloin, complemented by a beef tasting menu that offers a journey through various exquisite beef dishes. The eclectic menu ensures that even non-steak lovers have something to enjoy.

  • Location: The Abu Dhabi Edition
  • Menu Highlights: Shanchoku wagyu ribeye, USDA prime tenderloin, beef tasting menu
  • Price Range: AED 190 – AED 680
  • Contact: 02 208 0000

Maté, Park Hyatt

Maté offers a unique Argentinian-Lebanese dining experience with a focus on high-quality steaks. Known for its interactive dining and moody ambiance, Maté is perfect for both casual and special occasions. Their La Barra menu on Wednesdays is a must-try for steak enthusiasts.

  • Location: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
  • Menu Highlights: La Barra menu, Argentinian steaks
  • Price Range: AED 250 for two
  • Contact: 054 581 2576

Ray’s Grill, Conrad Etihad Towers

Ray’s Grill combines stunning views with top-notch steak abu dhabi. Enjoy a perfectly cooked USDA approved tenderloin with foie gras or a flavorful short rib. The cozy setting and impressive views make it ideal for intimate dinners or special celebrations.

  • Location: Conrad Etihad Towers
  • Menu Highlights: USDA tenderloin, short rib, creamed spinach
  • Price Range: AED 170 – AED 225
  • Contact: 02 811 5666

The Forge, Ritz-Carlton

For a fine dining experience, The Forge at Ritz-Carlton offers exquisite cuts of meat, including Brazilian tenderloin and Australian Wagyu. The Meat Flights experience is a standout, allowing diners to sample a selection of prime cuts.

  • Location: Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi
  • Menu Highlights: Meat Flights experience, Brazilian tenderloin, Australian Wagyu
  • Price Range: AED 189 – AED 450
  • Contact: 02 818 8203

Butcher & Still, Four Seasons

Butcher & Still is a Chicago-themed steakhouse that transports diners back to the 1920s. The menu features a 21-day dry-aged tomahawk chop, thick-cut twice-baked fries, and the impressive Tribune Tower cake.

  • Location: Four Seasons Abu Dhabi
  • Menu Highlights: Tomahawk chop, thick-cut fries, Tribune Tower cake
  • Price Range: AED 285 – AED 295
  • Contact: 02 333 2444

Casual Steak Dining

49ers, Le Meridien

49ers is a hidden gem that offers some of the best value-for-money steaks in Abu Dhabi. The Wild West-themed bar serves delicious cuts like the cowboy steak abu dhabi, paired with BBQ sauce and crispy onion rings.

  • Location: Le Meridien Abu Dhabi
  • Menu Highlights: Cowboy steak, BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings
  • Price Range: AED 44 – AED 126
  • Contact: 02 645 8000

Steakers Original, Rawdhat

For those who prefer a more casual setting, Steakers Original offers high-quality steaks at reasonable prices. The 300g dry-aged rib-eye is a favorite, served with coleslaw and sauce.

  • Location: Rawdhat
  • Menu Highlights: Dry-aged rib-eye
  • Price Range: AED 149
  • Contact: 02 645 9379

Yas Island Steak Restaurants

Acres Grill House

Located at Yas Acres Golf & Country Club, Acres Grill House is famous for its prime cuts, including Australian Wagyu Blackmore and US prime Creekstone black Angus. The Josper Grill adds a unique smoky flavor to their steak abu dhabi

  • Location: Yas Acres Golf & Country Club
  • Menu Highlights: Australian Wagyu, US prime Creekstone black Angus
  • Contact: Website

Hunter & Barrel Restaurant in Yas Bay

Hunter & Barrel, situated on Yas Bay, is known for its grain-fed Wagyu and Angus steaks. The restaurant follows a “hunt, gather, fire” philosophy, offering dishes like dry-aged Tomahawk steaks and barbecued ribs.

  • Location: Yas Bay
  • Menu Highlights: Tomahawk steaks, barbecued ribs
  • Contact: Website

The Director’s Club, The WB Hotel

The Director’s Club offers a cinematic dining experience with premium American Angus and Australian Wagyu steak abu dhabi . The restaurant’s decor celebrates famous film directors, adding a unique touch to your meal.

  • Location: The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel
  • Menu Highlights: American Angus, Australian Wagyu
  • Contact: Website

Special Mention

Mukbang Shows Restaurant, Electra Branch

Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The best steak restaurant in abu dhabi brings the best of Korean BBQ to Abu Dhabi. Located on Electra Street, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience where you can enjoy premium cuts of meat cooked right at your table. Their menu includes a variety of steak abu dhabi and seafood, making it a must-visit for steak lovers and know as the best steak house in abu dhabi

  • Location: Electra Street, behind Sun and Sand Sports
  • Menu Highlights: Bulgogi, premium meats, seafood boil packages
  • Price Range: AED 50 – AED 300
  • Contact: 02 564 0446
  • Menu: Mukbang Shows Menu

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil at Yas Mall offers a unique churrasco-style dining experience with an all-you-can-eat grilled meat selection. The chef-crafted salad bar and hot dishes make it a great choice for meat lovers.

  • Location: Yas Mall
  • Menu Highlights: Filet mignon, flank steak, braised beef ribs
  • Contact: Website

Texas Roadhouse

Known for its hand-cut steaks and fall-off-the-bone ribs, Texas Roadhouse at Yas Mall is a casual steakhouse offering a variety of sides, soups, salads, and burgers.

  • Location: Yas Mall
  • Menu Highlights: Bone-in ribeye, Dallas fillet, New York strip
  • Contact: Website


Abu Dhabi offers a diverse range of steak abu dhabi dining experiences, from high-end restaurants to casual eateries. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience or a relaxed meal with friends, you’ll find the perfect steakhouse to satisfy your cravings. Explore these top spots and enjoy some of the best steaks Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Tips for Finding the Best Steaks Abu Dhabi

  • Consider your dining preferences: casual vs. fine dining.
  • Look out for special offers and discounts, such as BB+ Discounts, for great deals.
  • Make reservations in advance, especially for popular steakhouses.

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Zam EstarisZam Estaris
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17:58 11 Jul 24
Our amazing server Goku was SUCH a help to us. he made us feel like home, he kept bringing us unlimited food and kept the table clean as well as the drinks coming. he made us feel like a 7 star restaurant serves. Wonderful restaurant, food, and service. would 100% recommend.
Hector SamsonHector Samson
17:40 11 Jul 24
It was an amazing experience eating here in mukbang shows. The staffs are very welcoming specially Ms. Beth and Ms. Anita, surely I will recommend this to my friends.
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Customer service is very well, especially the team leader beth and for the food very delicious and the ambiance is perfect also 🩵❣️
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Elizabeth was great and all the staff in the resto, great ambiance and food was amazing!!!
Akram AdelAkram Adel
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Best Korean bbq I’ve had in uae!Food was great, place clean, ambience fantastic, staff are are good singers and friendly, no smoke cuz they have good ventilation systems. Overall great experience, will be back!
Mary Joy DancelMary Joy Dancel
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Nice place & delicious food👍🏻
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Thankyou Susmita for youe awesome service
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Amazing service, Specially Fred, 5 stars for him
16:02 07 Jul 24
Family bonding never felt so much better here at Mukbang Shows! A Big Thanks to Ate Vanessa for making our experience unforgettable, by providing us with outstanding customer service! We are pleased to say that we really enjoyed this evening c:
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The food was so good and we enjoyed with my family bbq unlimitedWe would like to thank Fred for the help and the all stuffs we promise to come back thus re-save the 5stars
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Good experience
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Really good food and the waiter helped us cook our food course we were inexperienced
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I really love fish best fish ever
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Interesting! Wanna try more.🤤Very Accommodating employee.💛
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Very accommodating staff and very tasty food
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Very accommodating and the food is good.
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Very nice experience this is my third time, and Goku was very helpful
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Thanks deepesh and fred for all the help and service. Loved the food and the quantity. We would love to come back
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Today I am visit there, food is very good and tasty
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Been have a great food always.. Service are excellent
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Very good
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The food is great! Dipesh and Fred assisted us. We will come back for sure.
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Excellent service from the team. Dipesh was amazing from start to end providing great suggestions and service throughout.
Natalie AdulyanNatalie Adulyan
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It was our first time going to Korean bbq and Fred was so nice to help us to figure out what to do!
Anna SaghyanAnna Saghyan
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Love the place and food.Special thanks to Fred for making our dinner super special and tasty! 1st time here and he was super nice and helpful!
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The food is nice,
Rubilita BustobaRubilita Bustoba
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Thank you mukbang show for the wonderfull food and being acomodating thank you
Stephanie AlvarezStephanie Alvarez
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Very nice food and atmosphere. Their wings were amazing. Shoutout to dipesh for the prompt service.
Allen MathiasAllen Mathias
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just mejust me
18:53 26 Jun 24
Betto DodgeBetto Dodge
18:37 26 Jun 24
The best recommendation was from Mr. FredI appreciate his hospitality
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Thank you for quality food until next time🤤
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The food was average but the service was excellent.
Greendel AyaldeGreendel Ayalde
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Great experience with Fred!Very good and very tasty!
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Staffs are very accommodating and will always check if you need anything.Food’s great! 👍
yufu zhaoyufu zhao
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Donet FerrerDonet Ferrer
18:23 22 Jun 24
thanks to ms. anita very helpful and friendly. delicious food esp beef. good job!
Dionne GonzaloDionne Gonzalo
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Thank you to our friendly server ms vanessa and anita. You made my day special.
doszhan tabyldydoszhan tabyldy
20:19 20 Jun 24
Delicious! Great service! Thank you Vanessa! Super!
Shani GujjarShani Gujjar
18:12 20 Jun 24
So good food really happy with it I ll keep ordering from Talabat later
Bella TraceBella Trace
17:49 20 Jun 24
Fred is a very nice guy helped us so mush and am willing to come back again with my friends , the food was also good thus resulted to 5 stars, this is to say am also from Africa Naigeria!!
Mama ChiMama Chi
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Good service with Vanessa Fred Anita they are friendly the food it's very delicious😍for sure we will comeback! Good job guys❤️
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One the best food in Abu Dhabi, because caleb folagbade are we come back again
King of BostasKing of Bostas
19:29 18 Jun 24
Very friendly staff, Elizabeth,Vanessa, Goku, Fred, Dipesh, Anita.Attentive to details.Tasty food.Generous, nice music, clean.
Very good food and service
Girlie TalesGirlie Tales
17:51 18 Jun 24
good food and service
17:50 18 Jun 24
We love Mukbang! Delicious foods. Friendly and accommodating staff
Waleed SadekWaleed Sadek
18:59 16 Jun 24
Thank you VERY MUCH, EXCELLENT Food and EXCELLENT service.. Would definitely come back again!Special thanks for Vanessa, a very hospitable and friendly host, made our experience a brilliant one.Easily 10/10.
Jana ElmonierJana Elmonier
18:45 16 Jun 24
The food was phenomenalThe staff was kind and helpfulThe server Anita was very sweet she helped us a lot
Mary Ann Dela CruzMary Ann Dela Cruz
18:37 16 Jun 24
The food is delicious and service crew is very accomodating on us. Thanks mukbang show staff especially to Fred, Gokul and Elisabeth 😋😊
Catalino LandasabalCatalino Landasabal
18:36 16 Jun 24
18:34 16 Jun 24
Feels so good & im full everytime coming here
Mira JumatMira Jumat
19:08 14 Jun 24
The restaurant has a lively casual atmosphere.. recommended to go with friends and family. We got the marinated galbi and beef short ribs. They were tender and well seasoned. The meal came with generous sides as well. Worth your money!The staff are very attentive to you and always ready to help you with the grilling. One of them gave excellent tips on ways to enjoy our meats.
Najeebah AdamsNajeebah Adams
18:41 14 Jun 24
Thanks Fred
Bronwyn DavidBronwyn David
18:41 14 Jun 24
gener rubricogener rubrico
18:39 14 Jun 24
Food was great
18:20 14 Jun 24
Food was so good kimchi was so good it wad perfect everything about the place is good this is my second time coming and nothing disappointedme would highly recommend this place
Heba AhmedHeba Ahmed
19:12 12 Jun 24
Zel TolentinoZel Tolentino
18:57 12 Jun 24
We had an amazing dinner. Thanks to Vanessa for the great service. We dont need to call her as she anticipates what we need before telling. She makes sure we are fine. Thanks to that!
Alvin CarreonAlvin Carreon
18:51 12 Jun 24
Food was great and generous servings. Attentive servers and accomodating, Thanks vanessa and the nepali guy for the wonderful service.
The food was great! The staffs were very accomodating especially Fred. 5 stars for him! He was very approachable and patient in attending our requests. Thank you Fred.
Dyan FrealDyan Freal
16:54 12 Jun 24
Great food and Fred did a great job always checking on us if the food is enough and always asking if we need anything! ✅
kuya abnirkuya abnir
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Good service accomodating staff 😊😊😊
Adebukola ElizabethAdebukola Elizabeth
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Very good food
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Fast and friendly service i will commend. Helen
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Nice place and food is affordable.
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17:20 10 Jun 24
Value for money. Good food! Service and staff are very attentive especially vanessa!
Raissa HannouRaissa Hannou
17:48 08 Jun 24
Fred is really professional and gentle, always smiling. Thank you so much for this first experience, we will come back very soon. ♥️
Shruti ChoudhuryShruti Choudhury
17:00 08 Jun 24
Great food. Fred and Helen served us well! We had a fantastic time as always! Will be back soon 🙂
Brook HamadBrook Hamad
16:42 08 Jun 24
Visit again and again
Ann TorchAnn Torch
16:28 08 Jun 24
Thanks to Ms Vanessa for accomodating us..Shes nice and friendly..just amazing experienced here..Keep it up!😊HAPPY TUMMY😉🤭
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Anita is doing very good at service than others. Always smiling and looks more approachable.
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19:44 04 Jun 24
Tasty and delicious… 🤩🤩🤩
Jenny EdquilangJenny Edquilang
18:03 04 Jun 24
Service is excellent especially Fred , he is very attentive and Helpful
Venus BondocVenus Bondoc
18:01 04 Jun 24
We just celebrated the birthday of my sister in this restaurant. All is fine except of the fact that they let us pay online. WE HAVE TO BE ONLINE AND FILL THE CARD DETAILS TO PAY OUR BILL AND WHEN WE CHECKED OUT - OUR BILL GOT ADDITIONAL AMOUNT OF 7%. As customer, its our first time to pay online like this when we are already in the restaurant. What is their purpose to this?We dont have anything bad comments about the staff they are working hard with hospitality. We just dont like their system where we have to pay online. I dont think that we will comeback in this restaurant. Its very hassle to pay. Now we have to wait for the refund of 7%. When? We dont know 🤷
marvin somarvin so
17:39 04 Jun 24
The food was good and the service is excellent. Staff's are friendly and accommodating...
marissa ostriamarissa ostria
19:52 02 Jun 24
Dipesh is very kind and nice and approachable!! Service is quick., all staff are friendly. Ambiance is superb! We’ll definitely come back again!!
asayel altamimiasayel altamimi
19:38 02 Jun 24
Thank you so much Vanessa and Anita you have made my dayyyyyy and you have make me happy love you both whish you all the best smile for ever you are so cute🤍🤍🤍
binoy kkbinoy kk
19:16 02 Jun 24
Cliffard CandappaCliffard Candappa
17:51 02 Jun 24
The food was amazing and the atmosphere of the restaurant is unbelievable. Most importan Mr. Gokool is really nice guy.
Rashid Al FalasiRashid Al Falasi
17:23 02 Jun 24
Amazing food amazing prices id consider this a hidden gem in Abudhabi🙏🏼
Layla AlshLayla Alsh
19:19 31 May 24
Had the best server Dipesh! The food the service every thing is definitely 100000!
Gelcy SebastianGelcy Sebastian
19:11 31 May 24
Craving for bbq night and we always come back to Mukbang 🥰 great food, ambiance and from staff to manager their are all accommodating specially Dipes, Alfred and Vanessa 🥰 highly recommended
19:05 31 May 24
Everything was good. We enjoyed it so much.
Leslie DeladiaLeslie Deladia
18:42 31 May 24
the food is very tasty and the staff is very approachable 🥰🥰
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20:07 29 May 24
Good taste and nice service
Atmar HamidAtmar Hamid
19:51 29 May 24
fatima sarailfatima sarail
19:51 29 May 24
The food was soo good 💯💯 Fred is the one who accomodate us. He’s kind & Accomodating. I Will definetely recommed the mukbang show’s restaurant to my friends. ❤️
Emely Christine ChiongEmely Christine Chiong
19:02 29 May 24
Ed Carlo ChiongEd Carlo Chiong
19:01 29 May 24
Good service by Fred.
Airam Willaine SumayloAiram Willaine Sumaylo
20:40 27 May 24
Food is very tasty and service staffs are nice kind and fast. Beth is a very excellent staff ❤️
Gabriel BeloGabriel Belo
20:37 27 May 24
Thank you to Beth for giving us an excellent service. The food is top notch.
The food is good like alwaysThe service are very kind 😊‘Fred’
Chia Hsin ChuangChia Hsin Chuang
18:27 27 May 24
Fred serve good.
Michelle VioladoMichelle Violado
20:08 25 May 24
Great food and the staffs here are very kind and attentive.
Jennifer GelotinJennifer Gelotin
20:07 25 May 24
Thanks you so much you’re the best
Joanna SarayanJoanna Sarayan
20:04 25 May 24
Nice food all staff is good very friendly they assist you in a nice way 🥰😍
Giemarie GamboaGiemarie Gamboa
20:03 25 May 24
Good ambiance and good food . very approachable staff and friendly and thank you to Alfred
Belle sarayanBelle sarayan
20:02 25 May 24
Delicious food amazing staff i love it.Thank u alfred
Everything is good, tasty meat and fish , but huge portion for one person
it was amazing, all the staffs are helpful and accommodating. we love the food
Ac GomezAc Gomez
17:54 23 May 24
It was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience,i like the service from the waiters/waitresses(specially ATE BETH) and also the manager. i will definitely come again!They also sang for me cause it is my birthday! 🎂
Noeme CastroNoeme Castro
17:14 23 May 24
Mandy NaiMandy Nai
16:35 23 May 24
rj comfystylerj comfystyle
15:52 21 May 24
Accommodating Dipesh👍 Thank you so much!!!
celine wajeceline waje
15:51 21 May 24
The food is really goodMust say a good authentic korean restaurant in the cityanita was our server and made sure we had good time and would like to thank mr dipesh for his support
007_ faith007_ faith
15:47 21 May 24
Thank you mukhang shows .mostly to your staff Anita and diphies very helpful and friendly .We satisfied .and we back soon . Thank you dear.
Jinky ParenasJinky Parenas
13:34 21 May 24
Excellent costumer service and generous food servings.
jam duriajam duria
12:14 21 May 24
Unlimited Korean Fried 🍗😋😍 yummThe staff are nice✔️Good Services ✔️Yummy Flavors✔️
svxi rrsvxi rr
18:44 19 May 24
The food is very good and with good test service was also good Fred helped us so much for the next time i will come with my friends ‘ korea food number ‘ we reary enjoyed with my family.
Maisa AlbedwawiMaisa Albedwawi
18:43 19 May 24
We enjoyed a lot in the Korean atmosphere and the delicious food as if you were in Korea... with the distinguished service we got from the distinguished employee, truly "Fred". He is wonderful and the pinnacle of taste and kindness.
Justin Lynx JocoJustin Lynx Joco
17:58 19 May 24
Great food, great cozy ambiance (Comfort Room's clean too) and with great company too.Shoutout to Gokul for serving us excellently during our meal, keep up the good work bro!
The restaurant was very clean. AC was working well. The staff were very polite, professional and nice. Big shoutout to Fred and Anita for serving our table and always attentive to our requests. 10/10 will come back again.
17:20 19 May 24
Delish!! Nice korean bbq place 😋
Fred was very helpful. I recommend this place. Music is not authentic want something like k-pop in places like this
Andrey ChernovAndrey Chernov
20:35 17 May 24
Fred is very good man!
Darwin BantolDarwin Bantol
18:09 17 May 24
Siddhanta PaudelSiddhanta Paudel
18:04 17 May 24
Nathalie VillamarNathalie Villamar
20:50 16 May 24
Food and service is amazing!
Khlod FadyKhlod Fady
19:40 16 May 24
Ahmed AlsaadiAhmed Alsaadi
18:23 16 May 24
Cris KCCris KC
17:50 16 May 24
Good food great experience 😍❤️❤️❤️
Nina Lea MendozaNina Lea Mendoza
17:57 14 May 24
Fatima arshadFatima arshad
17:03 14 May 24
The food is good and place is also very niceThe staff specially fred is very humble
Food is delicious and staff are accomodating
Chocolate AhmedChocolate Ahmed
16:57 14 May 24
15:28 14 May 24
We had Jeju-Si menu, not premium quality, but still very good! It was more than enough food for two people. Our service Anita was also good 🙂 Actually ambiente was not realy korean.
laura alijalaura alija
18:46 12 May 24
Goku is very friendly and gave us a great welcome
Leorat 22Leorat 22
18:43 12 May 24
Goku the best mf
Em JuansonEm Juanson
16:58 12 May 24
Great food. Great service. Thanks Fred!
16:14 12 May 24
All staffs are nice but special thanks to Fred he is very attentive and pleased 🫡. Hope to come back here again.
Jennifer JimenezJennifer Jimenez
15:55 12 May 24
Heba SalehHeba Saleh
20:43 10 May 24
The best Asían ( Korean food) I have taste in UAE until now , clean.... delicious.. kind and helpful team .... happy to try it again
jomar dalusungjomar dalusung
19:44 10 May 24
Good service
Elisa HattonElisa Hatton
19:28 10 May 24
Fred was a great waiter and excellent chef:) very informative 👌🏻
Talha NaseerTalha Naseer
19:26 10 May 24
Fred was amazing!
19:00 10 May 24
Best Korean Samgyupsal Restaurant in town ever!! 👌🫶 "Gam-sa-ham-ni-da" 🫰🫶
EmPöt MendezEmPöt Mendez
23:50 09 May 24
Food wise it’s ok.Environment, just fine.
diana lorane chuadiana lorane chua
20:14 09 May 24
Food is good, beef is very tender👍
Junne ManguneJunne Mangune
20:10 09 May 24
Marce MaraunayMarce Maraunay
18:10 09 May 24
Thank you Vanessa for assisting us.
17:53 09 May 24
The staff ignores customers just like how my parents ignored me when I was growing up
Dragonseed YTDragonseed YT
18:20 07 May 24
We really love eating here in he mokbang and also thankyou for the good service and hearthwhelming welcome from mr.dipesh and fred.come and visit and have a try
Bryan Diolata (Bry)Bryan Diolata (Bry)
18:14 07 May 24
Dipesh was amazing, recommend food its very nice!!
Monica ToleteMonica Tolete
17:05 07 May 24
Very accommodating and good service, well serve by ate vanessa
Drizzel Ann Dela CruzDrizzel Ann Dela Cruz
16:39 07 May 24
Dipesh is very accommodating food is awesome!
May Ann SawaliMay Ann Sawali
16:39 07 May 24
Had a great time eating here. Very good wuality of food and many options. Thank you so much Dipesh for your warm service.
banjo reyesbanjo reyes
20:21 05 May 24
The dishes were delicious and well served. The staff were very accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend for those looking for a great dining experience. I wish you open more branches in UAE 🤩🤩🤩
Micha StoliartchoukMicha Stoliartchouk
18:50 05 May 24
Great dinning experience, Fred was very helpful and made us really comfortable. Highly recommend!
Marisse PasambaMarisse Pasamba
17:53 05 May 24
Mr. Fred is very accomodating and has good customer service. Job well done Mr. Fred!
Diana lou RialonDiana lou Rialon
17:51 05 May 24
Really nice food
Jennifer EgeJennifer Ege
17:50 05 May 24
Fred assisting with us very well even he is busy, good job ❤️
Nicole AlonzoNicole Alonzo
20:02 03 May 24
Christian is very good supervisor i met. Very friendly, approachable and kind ❤️
Aerwyna MaeAerwyna Mae
20:01 03 May 24
Fantastic 👌
Nicole VillanuevaNicole Villanueva
18:52 03 May 24
Nice service and good food
kaye nunezkaye nunez
18:52 03 May 24
Best food ever
Gelic ConnonGelic Connon
18:47 03 May 24
Marsan NacorMarsan Nacor
19:30 01 May 24
Sef CartanoSef Cartano
18:38 01 May 24
Good food and service 💖
paulo de jesuspaulo de jesus
18:37 01 May 24
Liz Soleil HilotLiz Soleil Hilot
18:25 01 May 24
Perfect food and amazing service especially Dipesh and Vanessa... Super!
Jossel AdayoJossel Adayo
16:53 01 May 24
John Joshua LeongsonJohn Joshua Leongson
17:01 29 Apr 24
Very accomodating!
John Alfred LeongsonJohn Alfred Leongson
16:58 29 Apr 24
Nice place and good service
Chei NazalChei Nazal
16:57 29 Apr 24
Highly recommended!! Special thanks to Gokul for the amazing service. Kudos to Sir Renz and team! ❤️
Lory MendozaLory Mendoza
16:57 29 Apr 24
Thanks to fred very accommodating and friendly
Mr. PhenomenalMr. Phenomenal
16:22 29 Apr 24
Amazing foodAmazing staffAmazing Restaurant
Nour AnaniNour Anani
18:00 27 Apr 24
tanks for Fred to all
16:40 27 Apr 24
Super!!Enjoyed ALL of it!!
Maria Lou PaulinMaria Lou Paulin
16:22 27 Apr 24
Fantastic food
Sweezy AbSweezy Ab
15:45 27 Apr 24
They have one of the best Jajangmyeon noodles I’ve ever had 👍🏾, the staff are very nice and the place is like a blossom garden 🌸💕
The food satisfied our taste buds and the tummy the Korean ambience that found is perfectAlso the service from people here too goodThank you mukbangshows
Nadeem AbbasNadeem Abbas
22:28 25 Apr 24
An amazing experience for people who love variety of food and Korean vibesLoved itWill come back soonThankyou
Nader KhalelaNader Khalela
21:53 25 Apr 24
Very nice food and the people are lovely
Saeed GamalSaeed Gamal
21:49 25 Apr 24
jus like korea
Rabiul IslamRabiul Islam
21:47 25 Apr 24
Goku is so helpfull n food is delicious
Angela RuzAngela Ruz
18:37 23 Apr 24
The food was good and the ambience is amazing! Thanks to our server Ms. Vanessa for assisting us. I would highly recommend this place 👍
Lovie Realm VillanuevaLovie Realm Villanueva
18:09 23 Apr 24
Nice experience. Beth and vanessa was very helpful all the time. Visit this branch.
April GerardoApril Gerardo
16:45 23 Apr 24
We had a great dinner at Mukbang Shows Restaurant thanks to our server Caleb. 👌🏻
ignaz Locherignaz Locher
16:00 23 Apr 24
Caleb is very goog
Stephanie PaclibarStephanie Paclibar
13:33 26 Mar 24
The serving was really good, there’s a lot of side dishes available. Food was delicious. The service was amazing, the staff were really accommodating, esp Beth and Fred. They’re all very nice us. All in all great service.
Beatriz PiacesiBeatriz Piacesi
09:20 16 Mar 24
We love Mukbang! Best Korean BBQ ever. It’s our first time in the new Abu Dhabi branch and we had an amazing time. Beth service was top on 🌟 we will come back for sure!
Mariel JavilloMariel Javillo
17:20 05 Mar 24
Oh boy, I am out of words as I am full-y satisfied. 🥰😋 Let me share about Mukbang Shows Restaurant here in Electra. It was like stepping into foodie heaven. Unlimited meat, seafood boil – you name it, they had it! But here's the kicker – the service was off the charts. Shoutout to Vanessa and Anita for making us feel like royalty. Seriously, if you're looking for a night of epic eats and awesome vibes with the best customer service, this place is it!
Ayla MadeleineAyla Madeleine
08:58 19 Feb 24
Great experience. Pros and Cons of our dining experience below:✅️ Pros:+ Wide variety of food and meat to choose from - can be overwhelming because there's a lot, which is good. We were so full we barely touched the Korean fried chicken+ Great value+ Fred was friendly and helped us have a wonderful dining experience, especially as it was our first time in a Korean BBQ Restaurant+ Food was okay❎️ Cons:- Place is a bit small- Washroom cleanliness can be improved💡 Suggestions:* They should ask the diners if it's their first time so the waiters/waitresses can assist on how to open/operate the grill. Good thing we called Fred, one of their waiters, and he was very helpful and friendly to assist us.Overall it was a good experience and we'd love to be back.
20:42 25 Dec 23
Overall experience with them was excellent! Kudos to all their staff for doing a great job in assisting us and tending to our needs, especially to Sir Fred and their supervisor Miss Beth!! Keep it up and God bless! ❤️