Seafood Restaurant. Dubai, with its extensive coastline and rich culinary diversity, offers some of the best seafood dining experiences in the world. From casual eateries to Michelin-starred establishments, here’s a comprehensive guide to the top seafood restaurants in Dubai, inspired by the finest recommendations from renowned sources.

1. Ossiano

Location: Crescent Rd, The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Why Visit: Ossiano, located in the luxurious Atlantis Hotel, offers an unparalleled dining experience with its grand aquarium backdrop. The Michelin-starred restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Gregoire, provides a ten-course tasting menu with a French influence. Signature dishes include Brittany brown crab, Rabe de Brest scallop, and langoustine.


  • Michelin-starred cuisine
  • Spectacular aquarium views
  • Exquisite tasting menus

2. 11 Woodfire

Location: Villa 11, 75B St, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Why Visit: 11 Woodfire, led by Chef Akmal Anuar, specializes in open fire cooking. The menu features standout dishes like beetroot starter with feta cheese and berries, beef skewers, and crispy duck leg. The restaurant also offers a diverse range of teas and mocktails, with the burnt cheesecake being a must-try dessert.


  • Unique open fire cooking
  • Diverse menu with exceptional mocktails
  • Cozy and inviting atmosphere

3. 3 Fils

Location: Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Shop 02, 1 Al Urouba St, Jumeirah 2, Dubai

Why Visit: 3 Fils is a popular casual dining spot known for its Japanese-influenced dishes. The community-style seating and flavorful menu, featuring items like the ‘Charcoal’ surprise and wagyu truffle burger, make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


  • Japanese-inspired cuisine
  • Casual and community-style dining
  • Award-winning restaurant

4. Al Fannah Restaurant

Location: 86 2b St, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Why Visit: Al Fannah is a hidden gem offering South Indian-style seafood dishes. Known for its spicy fried prawns and grilled fish, this restaurant provides a homely and authentic dining experience that is highly recommended by locals.


  • Authentic South Indian seafood
  • Spicy and flavorful dishes
  • Cozy and unpretentious setting

5. Alici

Location: Bluewaters Island, Dubai

Why Visit: Alici offers a sophisticated Italian seafood dining experience with stunning views of the Arabian Sea and the Dubai Marina skyline. The menu features dishes like grilled octopus with beluga lentils, oven-baked Atlantic halibut, and black truffle risotto.


  • Italian seafood cuisine
  • Scenic views of the Arabian Sea
  • Elegant and refined atmosphere

6. BordoMavi

Location: Al Urouba St, Jumeirah 2, Dubai

Why Visit: BordoMavi Seafood brings the flavors of Turkey to Dubai with freshly flown-in fish and traditional coastal cooking methods. Despite not serving alcohol, the restaurant’s quality and setting are highly praised.


  • Turkish seafood specialties
  • Fresh fish flown in from Turkey
  • Authentic and flavorful dishes

7. Fusion Ceviche

Location: JLT Cluster Q, Saba 3, Shop #4, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Why Visit: Fusion Ceviche Seafood Restaurant is a casual Peruvian restaurant known for its communal tables and ceviche bar. Popular dishes include grilled octopus, empanadas, seafood rice, and the three milk cake.


  • Peruvian cuisine
  • Casual and communal dining
  • Popular neighborhood spot

8. Long Teng

Location: Ground Floor, U-bora Towers, Building #3, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai

Why Visit: Long Teng Seafood Restaurant specializes in seafood dim sum and offers a variety of live seafood options. Signature dishes include steamed red rice and prawn cheung feung, and crispy turnip puff pastry.


  • Seafood dim sum specialties
  • Live seafood options
  • Hidden gem in Business Bay

9. LOWE Dubai

Location: KOA Canvas, Legends, Dubai

Why Visit: LOWE Dubai offers a unique dining experience with its sustainable woodfired cooking. Signature dishes include sesame bread with burnt aubergine and seaweed zaatar dip, and oysters with tomatillo shatta. The restaurant is also newly licensed, offering a selection of reasonably priced wines.


  • Sustainable and flavor-packed cooking
  • Unique and secluded location
  • Reasonably priced wine selection

10. Nama Yoso

Location: Mirdif Avenue Mall, Mirdif, Dubai

Why Visit: Nama Yoso Seafood Restaurant offers a casual take on Japanese cuisine with dishes like seafood gyozas, fatty otoro, and fresh crab salads. Led by a highly regarded chef, this unlicensed restaurant provides an authentic Japanese dining experience.


  • Japanese cuisine with a casual vibe
  • Highly regarded chef
  • Authentic and flavorful dishes

11. The Guild

Location: ICD Brookfield Place, Trade Centre, DIFC, Dubai

Why Visit: The Guild seafood restaurant features a lively atmosphere inspired by New York’s brasseries. The restaurant offers a variety of dining experiences from multiple kitchens, including a raw bar and a champagne room. Signature dishes range from burgers and steak sandwiches to wagyu steak and turbot.


  • Diverse dining experiences
  • Lively and vibrant atmosphere
  • Excellent food and drink options

12. Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Location: Bus Station, Deira, Port Saeed, Dubai

Why Visit: Top of the best seafood restaurants Mukbang Shows Korean Restaurant and Seafood Restaurant offers an exciting combination of all-you-can-eat seafood boil and Korean BBQ. The restaurant is known for its interactive dining experience, allowing guests to grill premium meats and fresh seafood at their tables. Highlights include unlimited Samgyupsal, spicy Bulgogi, and a variety of traditional Korean side dishes.


  • All-you-can-eat seafood boil and Korean BBQ
  • Interactive dining experience
  • Authentic Korean cuisine with premium meats and seafood


Dubai’s seafood scene is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin-starred experience, a casual dining spot, or an authentic taste of regional cuisine, Dubai’s seafood restaurants offer something for every palate. Explore these top recommendations and indulge in the finest seafood that the city has to offer.

FAQ Section

What is Mukbang Shows Restaurant?

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a Korean restaurant located in the Port Saeed area of Deira, Dubai. It offers an authentic Korean BBQ experience along with an all-you-can-eat seafood boil.

Where is Mukbang Shows Restaurant located?

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is located at Bus Station, Deira, Port Saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What are the operating hours of Mukbang Shows Restaurant?

The restaurant is open Monday to Thursday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM, and Friday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

What type of cuisine does Mukbang Shows Restaurant serve?

Mukbang Shows Restaurant serves Korean cuisine, including Korean BBQ, seafood, chicken, and a variety of traditional Korean dishes.

Misyelk3 ManjaresMisyelk3 Manjares
17:24 10 Jul 24
Food were all delicious. Service were very fast and accommodating service staff. Very recommended to everyone who loves to eat korean foods!
Manju ShresthaManju Shrestha
17:22 10 Jul 24
I like the service and the hsu was nice and kind to serve us we enjoyed a lot 😁❤️🌸
Ayu SindriyaAyu Sindriya
17:21 10 Jul 24
The experiences was amazing , and the waiter RAFFY & the Myanmar Guy is very helpful and taking care of our table .Thankyou so much
Rakshya MaharjanRakshya Maharjan
17:20 10 Jul 24
Hsu good us good service throughout our dine in she is very attentive , kind and helpful
Dhen’s Beasty ViewTyDhen’s Beasty ViewTy
06:22 09 Jul 24
we tried to celebrate a birthday but yet the experienced was not enjoyable at all. the food is good but not an enjoyable restaurant to dine in, you cannot share a meal if you order an “unlimited food meal” even taste testing a strip of beef or chicken is considered a full meal,69aed for a solo unlimited meal means exclusively for you and if they see you trying a beef strip its considered another 69aed unlimited solo meal, not an enjoyable environment. waiters works more on as security guards always on the look on your table and not just one waiter we are lucky that we really cleared that “no sharing rules” from the very beginning unlike the other table that ends up arguing with managers, the food is good not a gold standards not as claimed by other reviewers here.the management should make group meals which they do not have. or at least 69+?aed for two person to share the unlimited and if you have a lot of left overs you need to pay it as well take out is not allowed even you paid for it already, the food is ok but being watch all the time its like your last meal before an execution. i ordered unlimited fried chicken from which i cannot share,i lost my appetite already, its our first time to eat in a restaurant that feeling very concious and feeling less treated. the food taste is ordinary/regular same with bbimap not extraordinary rice tops,the gimbap is dry, the one inside dcc food central taste way superior. you will just be blinded by nice architecture the rest is just standard.me and my friends loves to eat all the time, korean mukbang show,dcc is not a recommendable restaurant, not a friendly environment.
Giwen VergaraGiwen Vergara
20:21 08 Jul 24
Staff were very friendly especially Wei, he was smiling every time he go to our table. The place was clean and the prices are very affordable. It’s a must try.
Lijo PhilipLijo Philip
18:07 08 Jul 24
Great experience..Nice service from Joyce.
wen kuenwen kuen
17:39 08 Jul 24
I had a very bad experience. This the only restaurant that you cant share your food with your friends. It says in the menu good for 2 but you will end up paying for 2 orders. Most of the staff are checking if you are eating your friend’s order. 😂.Example if you order unlimited chicken ur friend cannot take a bite or else they will charge you🥴. Very sad experience.
Angeliy AcaboAngeliy Acabo
07:03 07 Jul 24
Roxanne prefect