“Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)”

"Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)"

"Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)"

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Eat in or Order out at Mukbang Shows Restaurant . Jjampong is a type of Korean noodle soup that is typically made with seafood. Jjampong is said to be the inspiration for the Chinese dish Jjamppong. Jjamppong was first introduced to Korea during the Joseon Dynasty.

Jjampong is made by boiling noodles in a broth, often with seafood, vegetables, and spices. Jjampong is a popular dish in Korea and is often served as a main course or as a side dish. Jjampong can be found in Mukbang Shows Restaurant restaurant Muroor and Electra Branch

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