Menu Section: Deserts and Drinks

Beside and amazing menu of Korean and Seafood Delights, indulge yourself in our Deserts , Bubble Tea and Drinks!

honey rasberry tea

Honey Rasberry Tea

Honey Rasberry Tea 18aed Honey Rasberry Tea is now available at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. For that delicious mix of Honey, Raspberry juice and Sweet iced tea!

honey ginger tea

Korean Honey Ginger Tea

Korean Honey Ginger Tea 18aed Korean Honey ginger tea is a drink that has a warming effect. It helps with blood circulation and keeps your hands and feet warm. It also helps you feel better when you feel a cold coming on!. Overall delicious for any occasion!. Enjoy hot or cold!

Honey Citron Tea

Korean Honey Citron Tea

Korean Honey Citron Tea 18aed Honey Citron tea and all of its health benefits are found exclusively at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Enjoy hot or cold . This drink contains honey, citron slices which are harmoniously mixed together

Melona Ice cream

Melona Popsicles

Melona Popsicles 6 AED The Melona ice popsicle  is a South Korean beverage identified by its melon flavor. It comes in other fruit flavors, such as cantaloupe and coconut!