Citron Tea: A Traditional Korean Tea with Health Benefits

Honey Citron Tea
<br>Citron Tea: A Traditional Korean Tea with Health Benefits

<br>Citron Tea: A Traditional Korean Tea with Health Benefits


What is Citron Tea?

Citron tea, also known as honey citron tea , Korean Honey Citron Tea or yuja cha. Is a traditional Korean tea made from the yuja fruit, a type of citrus fruit native to East Asia.

It is a popular drink in Korea. Particularly during the winter months, and is often used to combat cold and flu symptoms.

The Benefits

Yuja tea is rich in vitamin C. Which can help boost the immune system. And reduce the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms in one day. It also contains citric acid, which can help with digestion. and has been linked to other benefits such as improved skin health and weight loss.

How is Citron Tea Made?

Korean Honey Citron Tea is made by mixing honey, sugar, or other sweeteners with thinly sliced yuja fruit. Including the rind and seeds, and hot water. The mixture is then boiled and simmered. until the sugar dissolves and the mixture thickens into a syrup. The resulting syrup can be stored in a sterilized jar. And used to make tea by mixing a spoonful of the syrup with hot or cold water.

Enjoying Tea

The 1 cup Tea can be enjoyed hot with hot water or cold with ice cubes , and can be mixed with other drinks. such as sparkling water or used as a syrup for desserts such as ice cream or yogurt. It has a sweet and slightly tart flavor and a fragrant aroma. that is commonly associated with yuzu fruit , Yuza, mandarin orange , meyer lemon and other citrus fruits.


If you're looking for a delicious and healthy drink to warm you up during the winter months or to soothe a sore throat or cold, try this tea. You can find this traditional Korean tea at Mukbang Shows restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.