Here are the Top 5 Korean Dishes at Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is world famous for our Unlimited Korean BBQ. The Best Mukbang Foods can be found at Our Restaurant has the best tasting dishes. We have grown to a group of super talented Chef’s with years and years of experience in Korean Cuisine. Here at the Top Selling Dishes .

1. Tteokbokki

20221101 Talabat UAE Mukbang Show Restaurant Abu Dhabi Al Nahyan KoreanSeafoodJuicesBBQ Tteokbokki Hot Spicy Rice Cake Nadeem Irani 35.JPG 23 1

Cheese TTEokbokki is a crowd favorite and matches perfectly with our Unlimited Korean BBQ famous Korean Foods. It is a spicy Korean Rice Cake which is one of the most popular Korean dishes. Our TTekbokki is the best tasting that you can find in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE as a whole.

2. Japchae

20221101 Talabat UAE Mukbang Show Restaurant Abu Dhabi Al Nahyan KoreanSeafoodJuicesBBQ Jap Chae Nadeem Irani 35.JPG 6

Jaechae is delicious noodles dish made with the freshest ingredients. Japchae also known as Korean Glass noodles stir fry. This dish is made with sweet potato starch noodles, colorful vegetables and saturated in our special Mukbang Sauce. This is a perfect dish for Vegetarians with bursting flavor. We Guarantee that you will love Mukbang Shows Japchae made fresh with our exclusive recipe.

3. Yangnyeom Chicken

Yangyeom Chicken Nadeem Irani 35.JPG 32
Yangnyeom Chicken

Sticky Yangnyeom chicken is a favorite for fried chicken lovers at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Available in boneless or Bone in this sweet and spicy chicken will have you falling in love. Our Chicken is made with our Special Yangnyeom sauce, a flavor that you will not find anywhere else. BTW Yangnyeom chicken is included in our Unlimited Fried chicken package. Unlimited Korean Fried Chicken, Yangnyeom and Garlick chicken . So eat up and enjoy!

4. Bibimbap

What is Bibimbap?

Bibimbap is a delicious Korean dish, a combination of Vegetables, Rice, Mukbang Sauce, Eggs, Beef and other toppings chosen by our Chefs. Our chef’s use only the best , fresh and authentic Korean ingredients that will give you the wow factor of the most amazing Bibimbap Bowl that you have ever tried. This Korean Bowl is healthy goodness that you can have as a snack or a complete meal. Eat up and enjoy!

5. Jajangmyeon

20221101 Talabat UAE Mukbang Show Restaurant Abu Dhabi Al Nahyan KoreanSeafoodJuicesBBQ Jajangmyeon Nadeem Irani 35.JPG 52

What is Jajangmyeon?

Jajangmyeon is our 5th Best selling Korean dish at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Jajanmyeon are noodles drenched in black bean sauce . Jajangmyeon was actually created by chicken immigrants who migrated to Korean long ago. This dish as become a huge symbolic dish of Korean Cuisine.

All items Can be ordered in our Restaurant or can be ordered for Take away or home delivery . For home delivery please place your online order at MukbangOrders.com

There you go The Top 5 Korean Dishes at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Check back next week for a fresh list of what people are loving at what the new trends are. Be Sure to check out our boba and Bubble Tea

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