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sundubu jjagae





Sundubu Jjigae is a warm and comforting Soup. Sundubu JJigae is the perfect remedy for when you're feeling under the weather. This meal contains Tofu and Bulgogi meat. All blanketed in a rich broth that will have your head comfortably resting on top of it.

Try Sundubu JJigae as well as the other delicious Korean Soups at Mukbang Shows Restaurant such as Kimchi Jeongol which is another crowd favorite.

Mukbang Shows Also delivers soondubu-jjigae to your home, hot and delicious just like enjoying at our Restaurant.


“Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)”

"Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)"

"Jjampong ( Spicy mixed-up Seafood Noodle Soup)"

60 AED
90 AED Large

Imagine the taste of all your favorite Asian dishes in a bowl. That's jjampong! This dish is always served piping hot and is popular with people who don't usually like noodles or vegetables. It consists of fresh noodles, several vegetables and several seafoods with a spicy red soup base. The soup can be very spicy.

Enjoy with Beef Bulgogi

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