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Mukbang Shows Restaurant Muroor Road Location

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Mukbang Shows Restaurant Korean BBQ and Seafood - Muroor Branch
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Mukbang Shows Restaurant on Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi is the First Korean BBQ - Seafood Boil + Bubble Tea in the UAE

Address: 547 Sultan Bin Zayed The First St - across from Emirates Grand Market - Al Danah - Zone 1 - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Geo Coordinates: 24.474585, 54.375183

Phone Number: 0501589433

Price Range: 50aed-200aed

Opening Hours

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Opening Time: 12:00

Closing Time: 01:00

Days: Friday, Saturday

Opening Time: 11:00

Closing Time: 01:00

Serves Cuisine: Korean, Seafood

Menu URL: http://mukbangshow.ae/menu

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Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Mukbang Shows Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is now welcoming guests. Located conveniently on Muroor Road , we are here to offer an unmatched Korean BBQ experience that will have you coming back time and again. Mukbang Shows Restaurant, your top destination for Korean dining in Abu Dhabi.

Korean Restaurants Near Me: Mukbang Shows Restaurant

Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Our Menu

Embark on a culinary journey to Abu Dhabi's finest Best Korean Restaurant In Abu Dhabi dining experience at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Nestled on Muroor Road, just a stone's throw from the bustling Abu Dhabi Bus Station and opposite the Grand Emirates Market. At the Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.  our menu is a celebration of flavors designed to delight every palate. Whether you're a connoisseur of succulent meats, fresh seafood, or prefer plant-based options, our diverse offerings cater to all preferences.

Indulge in the freshest, high-quality ingredients, each dish crafted to perfection, and don't miss our signature homemade sauce—a secret blend that complements every bite. From the spicy kick of Yangnyeom chicken to the savory depth of marinated beef short ribs, our menu is curated to offer a unique taste of Korea's best.

At Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.  We're not just about food; we're about creating unforgettable dining experiences. As one of the top Korean BBQ and seafood destinations in Abu Dhabi, we invite you to discover the rich flavors and vibrant atmosphere that make us a culinary landmark. Join us and see why we're renowned as the best Korean restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

The Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Begin a gastronomic adventure at Mukbang Shows Restaurant, the pinnacle of Korean cuisine in Abu Dhabi. Perfectly positioned on Muroor Road, a mere moment's walk from the dynamic Abu Dhabi Bus Station and directly across from the Grand Emirates Market, our korean barbecue in abu dhabi menu is a tapestry of tastes crafted to enchant all who seek culinary excellence. Whether you're a devotee of tender meats, the freshest catch from the sea, or savor the earth's bounty with our vegetarian delights, our extensive selection is tailored to satisfy every diner's desire.

Savor the exceptional, with each plate bringing together the purest, premium ingredients, meticulously prepared to showcase the zenith of Korean culinary artistry. Our exclusive homemade sauce, a closely guarded recipe, promises to elevate your experience with every morsel. Experience the bold flavors of Yangnyeom chicken or the rich, aromatic layers of our marinated beef short ribs—each offering a window into the soul of authentic Korean gastronomy.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is more than a place to eat; it's a sanctuary where memorable meals are made. Recognized as a leading light among Abu Dhabi's Korean BBQ and seafood establishments, we extend a warm invitation to immerse yourself in the deep, delicious flavors and the lively ambiance that set us apart. Come and discover why our name is synonymous with the finest Korean dining in Abu Dhabi. Join the connoisseurs and aficionados who call Mukbang Shows Restaurant the best Korean restaurant in the city.

For Seafood Lovers

For all the seafood aficionados, our Best Korean restaurant in Abu Dhabi offers sumptuous Seafood Boil packages, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Our pan-fried tofu is a delectable vegetarian option, and for those with a penchant for sweetness, our menu boasts a variety of traditional Korean delights and sweet treats and the Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Indulge in treats like the savory kimchi pancake, the sweet red beans, and the crowd-favorite Bingsu with its crunchy shaved ice. We're the quintessential dining destination for those seeking a flavorful experience that melds the culinary finesse of both East and West at the Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Conveniently located on Muroor Road near the Abu Dhabi Bus Station and opposite the Grand Emirates Market, Mukbang Shows Restaurant is a gem among the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. We're just a short journey away from the city's bustling hubs, making us an easily accessible retreat for everyone's taste buds. Whether it's for a lively Friday night or a casual dinner, our Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is the ideal spot to relish good food and wonderful company.

Korean BBQ Dubai: A Feast for Your Senses

Our Address: 547 Sultan Bin Zayed The First St - across from Emirates Grand Market - Al Danah - Zone 1 - Abu Dhabi

Our Phone: 0501589433

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure with authentic Korean dishes at the best Korean BBQ Abu Dhabi has to offer? Our Muroor branch, conveniently located near the Abu Dhabi Bus Station and opposite the Grand Emirates Market, now features outdoor seating for an enhanced dining experience.

Head over to Mukbang Shows Restaurant, a culinary gem among restaurants in Abu Dhabi, and immerse yourself in the flavors of Korean and Japanese dishes. Savor the culinary delicacies of Korea like never before. Whether you're craving Korean-style chicken soup, unlimited Samgyupsal with a healthy twist, a steaming bowl of Kimchi Jjigae, Tteokbokki, or a hearty serving of Japchae, we've got your desires covered.

Visit us today at Mukbang Shows Restaurant for a taste of the best Korean food in Abu Dhabi, where every meal is a celebration of rich, authentic flavors, and every visit is an experience to remember.

Unlimited Samgyupsal Abu Dhabi: Satisfy Your Cravings

The Best Korean Food in Abu Dhabi: A Culinary Adventure

Our unique restaurant menu boasts the best Korean food in Abu Dhabi near al reem island, korean cuisine. From traditional favorites like Bibimbap, Korean Fried Chicken and Tteokbokki. To contemporary dishes inspired by Korean culture.

Authentic Korean Restaurants in Abu Dhabi: A Taste of Seoul

At Mukbang Shows Restaurant Abu Dhabi Korean Restaurants. We take pride in being one of the most authentic korean cuisine Korean restaurants in Dubai. Our Best Korean restaurants in Muroor Abu Dhabi and Mukbang Electra Abu Dhabi.
The best korean restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Korean restaurants Are testaments to our commitment to bringing the flavors of Korea to your plate.
We also offer a variety of options at our best Korean restaurants in our Deira location. Ensuring you can always find a taste of Seoul nearby.

Experience the Best Korean BBQ Restaurant Abu Dhabi Has to Offer


With our Korean barbecue Dubai. Korean barbecue restaurant. And Korean BBQ restaurant Dubai location. You're never far from Korean street food and delicious meal. If you're looking for the best Korean food UAE has to offer. There's no better place than our korean restaurants, Mukbang Shows Restaurant. The Best Korean Restaurant in Abu Dhabi