Menu Section: Seafood Boil

Looking a hot pot of boiled seafood?

Seafood Bucket

Solo Mix Seafood Bucket

Solo Mix Seafood Bucket 90 AED Seafood Mix from the Bucket. Crab Balls, Crab, Squid, and Mussels enough for one person. Choose from Cajun, Creamy Curry, Korean Red Sauce and Lemon sauce.

boiled crab

Mukbang Boiled Crabs

Mukbang Boiled Crabs 39 AED for 1/2 Kilo 59 AED for 1 Kilo Boiled Crabs fresh from the Pot. Get ready to keep your hands and fingers dirty!. Available in 1/2 and 1 kilo. Four different sauces are Available to choose from . Korean Red Sauce, Lemon, Creamy Curry and Cajun

Boiled Shrimp

Mukbang Boiled Shrimp

Mukbang Boiled Shrimp 59 AED Try our Boiled Shrimp fresh out of the Pot. Our Boiled Shrimp comes in 4 Different Flavors and Sizes off the hook. Starting at 59AED Flavors are Lemon, Cajun, Korean Red Sauce and Creamy Curry delivering to you the most unique flavors in Abu Dhabi