Best Lunch Places in Dubai. Dubai is a food lover’s paradise. In the heart of it all, Mukbang Shows stands out. Here, unlimited Korean BBQ and authentic Korean dishes are the stars.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant

The Love for Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ. It’s a global culinary phenomenon.

The Allure of Unlimited BBQ

At Mukbang Shows, BBQ is not limited. Picture perfectly grilled meat. Its aroma, irresistible.

A Peek Into the Authentic Korean Dishes

BBQ is only part of the story. Mukbang Shows delivers an array of Korean classics. Think bibimbap, kimchi, tteokbokki.

Mukbang Shows’ Korean Street Food

Sampling the Streets of Seoul

Yearning for a taste of Seoul’s street food? Mukbang Shows has you covered. Get ready for a gastronomic adventure.

Lunchtime Specials

The Bento Box Delight

A Fusion of Tastes

Now, the bento boxes. They’re a medley of Korean flavors. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami.

What’s in the Box?

Each bento box is a world of its own. It comes with a main course, sides, and dessert.

The Tasting Menu

Curated with Love

Then there’s the tasting menu. Curated by our chefs, it’s your invitation to a Korean culinary journey.

The Seafood Boil Experience

A Maritime Feast

The Art of the Boil

Ready for the seafood boil? A medley of flavors in a pot. It’s an event in itself.

Seafood Selection

The seafood boil boasts the freshest catch. Crabs, shrimp, clams – it’s a seafood lover’s dream.

A Day at Mukbang Shows

from Morning to Night

Mukbang Shows is more than a lunch spot. It’s a destination for the entire day. Expect unforgettable dining experiences from dawn to dusk.

Location and Reservations

We are located on Al Ittihad Road next to the Deira Bus Station. Opposite of Deira City Centre

Making Your Way to Mukbang Shows – Best Lunch Places in Dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai, Mukbang Shows is easily accessible. Don’t miss out – make a reservation. We are no the Cheapest Restaurant in Dubai. We are Mid Priced and Affordable

Customer Reviews

Dining Experiences Shared

What do customers say about Mukbang Shows? Best Lunch Places in Dubai . Best Restaurants in Dubai with a view. Glowing reviews tell the tale. But why just read when you can experience it? Mukbang Shows Restaurant is also the Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Best Lunch Places in Dubai – Conclusion

Mukbang Shows Restaurant The Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai. In the vibrant culinary scene of Dubai, Mukbang Shows shines bright. It’s not just a place, but a gastronomic journey. Korean BBQ, seafood boil, street food, bento boxes, tasting menu – every offering is a memory in the making.


  1. Does Mukbang Shows offer vegetarian options? Of course. A wide range of vegetarian dishes are on the menu.
  2. What is the most popular dish at Mukbang Shows? The unlimited Korean BBQ and seafood boil. They are crowd favorites.
  3. Is Mukbang Shows kid-friendly? Absolutely. Mukbang Shows caters to the little ones with a special menu.
  4. **Do I need a reservation for lunch at Mukbang