Our first year has been an amazing ride, our new Restaurant Menu is here and we are proud to say that it is thanks in large part due our dedicated team. Our doors opened on January 2022 with a bang as people from all over came flooding into our new restaurant! As if opening up shop wasn’t enough of challenge already – one thing you’ll find here at Mukbang shows Restaurant? We take great pride when guests leave satisfied after their meal

New Restaurant Menu Item Wagyu Steak

Growth and Knowledge is good

When We started our Restaurant menu was smaller and not as unique as it has grown to be. We have taken lots of feedback and comments to improve and grow. Today August 18th we have released our new menu

August 18th is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Our new Restaurant menu has officially launched and it’s better than ever! All of your feedback, comments, tweets – they matter to us so much! We added what is quickly becoming our Top selling item. Premium Unlimited Korean BBQ, this includes Australian Wagyu, Ribeye, Beef Brisket, Tenderloin which is served with Japchae, Kimbap, Korean Fried Chicken, 6 Banchan and Unlimited Soup and rice. The Feedback for this alone has been amazing and for the price of 189AED per person can’t be beat!

If you are not feeling like Unlimited BBQ today we have changed our TTEOKBOKKI for the better!.. More cheese!. Our sauce for our Seafood boil has been updated with new ingredients which we know that you will love for sue!.

Sundubu Jiigae

Amazing Chefs

With our team of amazing chefs, we’re always coming up with new and exciting dishes to try out. With more than 10 years of experience in Korean cuisine, our chefs are the best at what they do. Take the time to explore our new restaurant menu and you’ll be surprised at how much variety we have! We’re different from anywhere else in Abu Dhabi.

New Restaurant Menu Items

We added other new items such as

Mandu – Which is Korean Dumplings

Gimmari – A Delicious fried Korean spring roll,

EOM GUK – A korean Street food which is fish cake soup.

Ramen Budae Jigae – Also know as Korean Army Stew

Soondubu Jigae – Korean Tofu Stew

This just a sample. We hope to see you at Mukbang Shows Restaurant soon so that you can experience it for yourself.

Mukbang Shows Restaurant is located on Muroor Road Opposite of Grand Emirates Market in Abu Dhabi.