Mukbang Shows is your place for Korean Barbecue in Dubai

In Deira Dubai Korean BBQ has carved out a niche of its own. Mukbang Shows Restaurant, located in Port Saeed Deira Dubai. Proudly One of the top restaurants in Dubai. Mukbang Shwos Stands as a beacon of authentic Korean cuisine. This isn’t just a place to dine. It’s a cultural immersion, a journey into the heart of Korea’s culinary traditions. Offering the best of Korean BBQ in Dubai.

Authentic Korean BBQ Flavors at Mukbang Shows

Discover the authentic flavors of Korean BBQ Dubai at Mukbang Shows. For the Best Dining in Dubai. Where culinary tradition meets modern taste. The Best Korean Food can be found here. Mukbang Shows dedication to authenticity is evident in its selection of high-quality meats and traditional marinades. Each Korean Food dish. From the savory beef bulgogi to the tantalizing spicy La Galbi Korean Short ribs. Is a celebration of Korean culinary art, epitomizing the essence of Korean BBQ in Dubai.

Interactive Dining: A Unique Korean BBQ Experience in Dubai

Experience the best dining in Dubai. Interactive and communal spirit of Korean BBQ Dubai at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. Guests gather around the grill, laughter and conversation flowing freely. The sizzle of meat on the grill is not just a sound but the soundtrack to an unforgettable dining experience. This interactive element not only entertains but fosters a sense of community and togetherness among diners. Celebrating the best dining in Dubai. making it a standout for Korean BBQ in Dubai.

A Diverse Menu: Exploring the Flavors of Korea in Dubai

Beyond BBQ, Mukbang Shows’ menu is a homage to the breadth of Korean cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes that cater to every taste, from the spicy, soul-warming stews to the refreshing. To the delicate flavors of cold noodles. Seasonal specialties and chef’s specials add an element of surprise, ensuring a new experience with every visit to this Korean BBQ hub in Dubai.

Korean Culture and Festivities at Mukbang Shows in Dubai

Mukbang Shows isn’t just a restaurant. It’s a vibrant part of the Korean BBQ Dubai scene, celebrating culture and cuisine. Mukbang Shows One of the top restaurants in Dubai. Celebrates Korean festivals with traditional food and performances, offering a slice of Korea in Dubai. The decor, a tasteful blend of modern and traditional Korean elements. One of the best restaurants in Dubai sets the stage for a cultural journey. Making it one of the best places for Korean BBQ in Dubai.

Discover Deira: The Perfect Location for Korean BBQ Lovers in Dubai

Situated in Deira, Mukbang Shows is an oasis of Korean culture. The restaurant’s design, with its warm lighting and elegant decor, creates an inviting atmosphere. Each corner of the restaurant tells a story, whether it’s through traditional Korean artifacts or modern art pieces, all contributing to the Korean BBQ experience in Dubai.

The Rich History of Korean BBQ: A Tradition of Excellence in Dubai

Korean BBQ has a rich history, rooted in the country’s agricultural past. It evolved from simple grilled meats to an elaborate dining experience. At Mukbang Shows, this history is honored and shared with guests, adding depth to the dining experience and enriching the Korean BBQ scene in Dubai.

Meet the Master Chefs of Mukbang Shows

The chefs at Mukbang Shows are not just cook. They are culinary artists at One of the top restaurants in Dubai. With years of experience and a passion for Korean cuisine, they bring authenticity and innovation to the table. Interviews with the chefs, available on the restaurant’s website and social media, offer insights into their culinary philosophy and the secrets behind their most popular dishes, further enhancing the Korean BBQ offerings in Dubai.

Customer Stories: Celebrating the Joy of Korean BBQ in Dubai

Mukbang Shows takes pride in its customer satisfaction. The restaurant’s guest book is filled with stories of delightful experiences, testimonials to the warm hospitality and exceptional cuisine. These stories are not just feedback; they are the heartbeats of the restaurant, and a testament to its status as a premier destination for Korean BBQ in Dubai.

Glenda VallejoGlenda Vallejo
20:54 01 Mar 24
Nice and good 👍 👌
Phincho TamangPhincho Tamang
20:05 01 Mar 24
The food was very tastyAnd the service was nice as well.The staff named Dipesh was very friendly and cooperative.
Delmar LimDelmar Lim
19:44 01 Mar 24
Good service ❤️ good assistance for customers.. Highly recommend for other customers. Keep up the good work ❤️🫶 special mention to Ms. Hsu for assisting always 😇
Melanie LopezMelanie Lopez
19:43 01 Mar 24
Highly Recommended! Especially their service is very good. They accomodate the customers very well. And Special mention to the one of their staffs Ms.HSU. Thank you for your service and Hospitality. Will visit again ☺️💯
April Jay BisocApril Jay Bisoc
19:37 01 Mar 24
HSU is accommodating and friendly and all other staff
Ron ElacoRon Elaco
20:34 29 Feb 24
Very good food. We had a good time. Specially Dipesh who is assisted us. Very friendly and good hospitality.😃
Ali ZaiterAli Zaiter
18:43 29 Feb 24
Joyce is the best there 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
The bestt
Myrel Joyce CalingasanMyrel Joyce Calingasan
18:12 29 Feb 24
Thank you for the good service dipesh. Love the food so yummy
Ron NieRon Nie
18:09 29 Feb 24
One of the best korean mukbang restaurant that I had been specially thanks to Dipesh for giving a 5 star service!! A well recommended restaurant!!
jenie tanjenie tan
19:10 28 Feb 24
Good food we love it , Olivia is very helpful and kind thanks.
john elmer gerochejohn elmer geroche
18:23 28 Feb 24
very accommodating crew especially raffy and roxanne.
Mark Joseph De TabaliMark Joseph De Tabali
18:21 28 Feb 24
Raffy. Are you good server 🙏🙏
mae maemae mae
17:53 28 Feb 24
Trizcha CervantesTrizcha Cervantes
17:42 28 Feb 24
Hsu accommodated me and was very helpful with my orders.
04:40 28 Feb 24
The waitress with glasses and short hair should never work in the service industry considering her nonchalant attitude and her unfriendly way to address customers.There was a staff moving away a trash trolley around the restaurant and multiple times would just leave it right next to your face, not the most pleasing thing when you are eating bbq..We were served an uncut ribeye and not provided scissors to cut it, when asked for help from one of the staff it felt like we were asking for incredible efforts. Finally, the food was average at best
Elizabeth MartinElizabeth Martin
20:12 27 Feb 24
Amazing Place Good food and good service. good place for family and friends for sure will come back with more friends! First class to Joyce and Hsu 🫶🏻🥰
20:07 27 Feb 24
Good food taste is proper/original Korean food, nice staff keep up the good job
Reem HassanReem Hassan
20:07 27 Feb 24
Dipesh is really helpful and good friendly and the food was really good and the vibs
Maythu KyawMaythu Kyaw
20:04 27 Feb 24
I was here with my friends and Joyce and Hsu were super helpful and kind. The ambiance , food , music were amazing and heads up to Joyce and Hsu! Weโ€™ll come back again.
Conner ScottConner Scott
19:33 26 Feb 24
Second time visiting, food was amazing again and the experience itโ€™s brilliantPrices are great for the portion sizes you get also5 stars to the restaurant and the staff they were all very helpful and friendly.
jennyfer bonifaciojennyfer bonifacio
18:59 26 Feb 24
Food was very good. Dipesh from Nepal Our server was very nice and very helpful.will come back with my friends
Azura AzisAzura Azis
17:54 26 Feb 24
Mukbang Show never fails to impress! The food is consistently delicious, with standout dishes like the sudubu jjigae that keep me coming back. The staff, especially Dipesh, is attentive and goes the extra mile to ensure a great dining experience. From the generous ban chan to the mouthwatering kimchi, every aspect of the meal is delightful. Mukbang Show has definitely become our go-to spot for Korean cuisine. Highly recommend!
Asmaa HeshamAsmaa Hesham
16:01 25 Feb 24
Hsu is the best one in the restaurant, she is very helpful and she's looking beautiful like a diamond in the sky
My MTB DiaryMy MTB Diary
14:55 25 Feb 24
Hsu was a very helpful waitress. Loved the way she delivered service
Via BondocVia Bondoc
12:58 25 Feb 24
The food is amazing and special thanks to Dipesh for a great customer service.
Joselindo ManaloJoselindo Manalo
12:55 25 Feb 24
Next level Korean bbq experience. Food is tasty and very good ambiance. Customer service is exceptional esp with Dipesh helping and serving us up. Please look for him when you visit here.
bimbim simpasbimbim simpas
12:52 25 Feb 24
Worth the money!!! Dispesh was excellent in attending to us. Please ask for him when you visit this branch!
S M Shafi KamalS M Shafi Kamal
06:57 25 Feb 24
Delicious food.
Limesh LomalLimesh Lomal
18:52 24 Feb 24
We waited almost 30 minutes outside and no one showed up.
Sharka SlavickovaSharka Slavickova
19:58 23 Feb 24
What a treat!Delish and so reasonable.
Dhane Jaztyne SalazarDhane Jaztyne Salazar
17:35 23 Feb 24
dipesh is helpful. thank u
Mirac HayatMirac Hayat
16:37 23 Feb 24
We came first time to here we like it so much everything is good food nice serving nice ,special we like Roxanne serving thanks for everything see you soonโ€ฆ
Sharon GarciaSharon Garcia
16:21 23 Feb 24
The service is superb. Joyce serves us well. Will be back again.
Masi JamMasi Jam
16:16 23 Feb 24
We ordered from the unlimited menu amd our sever was Mr. Dipesh, he was very kind and sweet and since it was our first experience at a korean restaurant he explained everything perfectly. Itโ€™s worth a vist
joyce salibongcogonjoyce salibongcogon
18:10 22 Feb 24
Great food and service, specially Dipesh, he has a very accommodating and good service. Thank you !
eam borboneam borbon
18:10 22 Feb 24
The food taste great and thanks Dipesh for the very good service.
Jay Salibongcogon, MBAJay Salibongcogon, MBA
18:06 22 Feb 24
the food was Good and Dipesh the server was really great. he is so kind.
Angelo ChangAngelo Chang
15:36 22 Feb 24
Depesh provided great service
sharmin Abdulrazaksharmin Abdulrazak
15:02 22 Feb 24
Had the best time with my sister and the Joyce made it easier for us first timers and made us comfortable 🤭
Mhel GarciaMhel Garcia
17:05 21 Feb 24
Food is very good and nice service is excellent Roxanne
Danilo LucenaDanilo Lucena
17:03 21 Feb 24
Eryx Dela CruzEryx Dela Cruz
10:22 21 Feb 24
It was a great experience the crew are friendly and hospitable. And the food are great. Hsu is very accomodating and sweet
08:03 21 Feb 24
We celebrate our friends birthday here We had the unlimited meat bbq and this very good, also the service is 5star commend ms. Hsu who always attending our needs and always smilingThis perfect place to celebrate birthdays
Hsu Myat HninHsu Myat Hnin
18:57 20 Feb 24
Price is reasonable and meat is so good. Hsu and Joyce are very friendly. Definitely will come back.
Nobel KhantNobel Khant
18:56 20 Feb 24
Staffs are really great and well behaved. Especially Hsu and Joyce are really friendly and explain all about the menu.
Ching LimChing Lim
18:11 20 Feb 24
Authentic Korean food must try! Nice ambiance too! Look for Hsu to assist you well.
Enricho PimentelEnricho Pimentel
18:07 20 Feb 24
It was a great experience the crew are friendly and hospitable. And the food are great. Hsu is very accomodating and sweet.
Jessica YuJessica Yu
17:52 20 Feb 24
Havenโ€™t found a Korean bbq spot I loved in a really long timeโ€ฆthen I found mukbang shows. Joyce was lovely as well, thanks for taking care of us 🙏🏼✨
Paras TamangParas Tamang
20:16 19 Feb 24
Loved the food and the service from dipesh❤️❤️
Tanya ZialcitaTanya Zialcita
19:09 19 Feb 24
Amazing food and service! Dipesh was amazing and helpful
Rameez NanitalwalaRameez Nanitalwala
19:09 19 Feb 24
Great food
Danut AntonDanut Anton
19:03 19 Feb 24
mayyamone moemayyamone moe
18:37 19 Feb 24
Thank you Hsu ❤️for good service and smile 🥰We will come back soon
Hafsa NazHafsa Naz
16:56 18 Feb 24
We had really good experience and would like to thank dipesh for his outstanding service
Umarniaz KhanUmarniaz Khan
16:54 18 Feb 24
Seafood boil nailed it super liked it and Mr dipesh the best
Andaya AnnelleAndaya Annelle
15:06 18 Feb 24
The food is really yummy korean taste in every bite yummy 😋😋 So me and my frends will come back again so0n 🙂 thank you for the staff specialy Shu, dipesh, rox for the good Service👏👏
Joanna Marie TanJoanna Marie Tan
14:59 18 Feb 24
Dipesh is accomadating, we love the place friendly staff Good Food definitely will come back
siddhesh tharvalsiddhesh tharval
20:37 17 Feb 24
Food was very good and Dipesh helped me alot from the beginning to the end with great profesionalism
ahmed almusawiahmed almusawi
20:15 17 Feb 24
The food was good and our server Dipesh did really good job thanks to everyone
Eileen Bigham GhazaniEileen Bigham Ghazani
19:45 17 Feb 24
Dipesh was great and so was the food
Myrna BaluarteMyrna Baluarte
17:46 17 Feb 24
fiery hotpot restaurant is 4x better than mukbang restaurant,I feel vomit the meat and also the squid not worth it what i pay 89
Fathima NassarFathima Nassar
17:44 17 Feb 24
it was good, special thanks to su
Cheint Thel AungCheint Thel Aung
18:35 16 Feb 24
Very delicious food and very nice service especially "Dipesh", who is very professional and friendly staff, help us to enjoy our time. We will come back again because of food and him. ๐Ÿ™‚
Jenelyn LoboJenelyn Lobo
18:32 16 Feb 24
Nice food and fair price!Thank you Dipesh for the good service ❤️
18:29 16 Feb 24
It was amazing experience..highly recommended
Hany EsmatHany Esmat
18:23 16 Feb 24
Aldwin Jay EstrellaAldwin Jay Estrella
18:17 16 Feb 24
My friends and I come from Al Ain. It has always been a very good experience eating in Mukbang Shows Deira. The food is fantastic and the service was excellent. I would like to especially commend Mr. Dipesh who has tirelessly made this experience extremely enjoyable. Thank you for your service.
Khusbu LamaKhusbu Lama
04:18 16 Feb 24
Great food and warm hospitality.Dipesh was really friendly and welcoming. Surely coming back again! 🫶
Carmen FragosoCarmen Fragoso
20:07 15 Feb 24
We came to try the Corean BBQ and we love it. Unlimited food for 69.00 dirhams. Just wow.The meat was fresh and the service was on point.Dipesh was a great waiter and he took care of us. Coming back!
Lop GamingLop Gaming
18:41 15 Feb 24
ritesh maharjanritesh maharjan
18:35 15 Feb 24
Went for the second time in mukbang for korean dishes. Had a wonderful time there and thank you for Dipesh who was very attentive and helpful to us with excellent service during our both the visit.
jenny rai (Foodfairy)jenny rai (Foodfairy)
18:34 15 Feb 24
Been here twice. The food is really delicious. Dipesh, was really nice with the service that he gave us. Hsu, was really sweet and attentive as well. Would recommend.
Joanna PerkowskaJoanna Perkowska
18:31 14 Feb 24
I love the ambiance and the food is so amazing. Quite affordable as well for an eat all you can. Perfect place to enjoy with friends and loved ones.
Cesar BabijesCesar Babijes
19:03 13 Feb 24
Good food good service so to dipesh
Pen GamingPen Gaming
17:22 13 Feb 24
The service is amazing,her name is hsu she is always smiling,and she took care of us until we leave. Awesome Hsu keep ot up!
Kim BarandaKim Baranda
17:09 13 Feb 24
Excellent dipesh
Milene TeodoroMilene Teodoro
17:07 13 Feb 24
Dipesh is accommodating and helpful to us. Great customer service..😊
Lester EspelitaLester Espelita
19:25 12 Feb 24
Food is delicious and Dipesh is very helpful and best staffBest korean food in town
Amina AminaaAmina Aminaa
17:44 12 Feb 24
Thanks to Hassan for the excellent experience for our first time ! He assisted us all the evening ! Thanks again 😍
Jem ManaliliJem Manalili
17:24 12 Feb 24
Thank you Joyce for assisting us! Very friendly and accomodating!
Ellaine RamirezEllaine Ramirez
20:24 11 Feb 24
Everything was really good, all high quality food and the staff is the nicest! Kudos to Hassan, thank you for being attentive to our needs.
Lisa MathewLisa Mathew
18:36 11 Feb 24
Had a wonderful experience. Dipesh waited on us and was very helpful in guiding us.
N1kh1l M4th9wN1kh1l M4th9w
18:34 11 Feb 24
The service and food was amazing unlike any other
Dheeresh MathewDheeresh Mathew
18:33 11 Feb 24
Excellent food and extremely well served by Dipesh
Karan MathewKaran Mathew
18:33 11 Feb 24
The food was amazing and the service by dipesh was very good
Daniela PaciaDaniela Pacia
18:36 10 Feb 24
Good food and great service from Hsu. Will come back for sure.
Jonas NarasJonas Naras
18:14 10 Feb 24
Small serving. Slow service.
Cronin ThoxoCronin Thoxo
17:31 10 Feb 24
dipesh did reall great job very happy with the food and service
Ant LeooAnt Leoo
17:27 10 Feb 24
Dipesh and raffi helped alot and made our dining really enjoyble
17:55 09 Feb 24
Hsu is very accomodating
17:06 09 Feb 24
Hsu was amazing!!! Really great service as always, will keep coming back!!
16:53 09 Feb 24
Great experience great food. Hsu was very helpful, thanks again to her.
Froi BatiancilaFroi Batiancila
16:28 09 Feb 24
Great experience, great service. Thanks to Roxanne for assisting us! 🤘🏻
Ardreyjan CArdreyjan C
15:33 09 Feb 24
Jaimee ManiagoJaimee Maniago
16:45 08 Feb 24
Staff is very attentive, food is really delicious. We liked the plain beef more and the 69 aed unli was totally worth it 👏
16:45 08 Feb 24
Very good
Maricar Sade GamboaMaricar Sade Gamboa
16:32 08 Feb 24
Frienldy crew and food is so good.
Carla SanchezCarla Sanchez
16:31 08 Feb 24
The ambiance is nice and also the food is delicious. The waitres and waiter very friendly.
16:23 08 Feb 24
Thygo Van EngelandThygo Van Engeland
20:11 07 Feb 24
Jolan TruyenJolan Truyen
20:07 07 Feb 24
Tarek Abu SharebTarek Abu Shareb
18:44 07 Feb 24
best restaurant everr!!the staff is amazinghighly recommend!!!!
Anandhu AAnandhu A
17:08 07 Feb 24
The restaurant is amazing and the food also is super tasty.All the staffs are very nice and so friendly especially Hsu lae. She is an asset for the restaurant. Thank you so much Hsu for make our day .
Lariella Reign OngocoLariella Reign Ongoco
16:50 07 Feb 24
Such a wonderful experience! The foods here are all goods. Ms. Roxanne helped us for our first dine in here. Special thanks to her, her dedicated to work and service is excellent. We surely comeback here.
Meryem ZahirMeryem Zahir
19:05 06 Feb 24
Dipesh helped us good and the food was great specially the wagyu and ribeyeThanks alot
Manjeel K.CManjeel K.C
18:52 06 Feb 24
Very good food , good service must visit place โ€ฆunlimited food friendly staff and good for families also โ€ฆ.you can bring ur kids also
Rojan PokhrelRojan Pokhrel
18:50 06 Feb 24
Food was delicious. Hsu was good at the service. Thank you
kc Angelkc Angel
18:48 06 Feb 24
John Michael SalapareJohn Michael Salapare
20:35 05 Feb 24
Issa TamonteIssa Tamonte
20:34 05 Feb 24
Jan angelo AslaronaJan angelo Aslarona
19:10 05 Feb 24
Everything was great at mukbang show. We always experience the best service of the staff most specially depish. He is very nice and amazing
Kierevol LibaoKierevol Libao
19:05 05 Feb 24
Thank you Dipesh, the best crew ever he made our day, we will comeback again mukbang show deira
Soroush MandizadehSoroush Mandizadeh
19:29 04 Feb 24
Had the best one today!This restaurant is an example for the better food and the proper serviceThanks to dipesh for making our experience entertaining and memorable also Mr Hasan helped a lotThank you guys
Jean AmanteJean Amante
19:23 04 Feb 24
Food is amazing ! The seafood boil is the star and Mr. Dipesh and hassan were very good at their jobWould like to thank them
19:07 04 Feb 24
Food is amazing and the service was excellent. We were assisted by Dipesh and Roxanne all throughout our experience here and they were awesome! We had a really good time and got our stomachs full.
tarun baligatarun baliga
19:06 04 Feb 24
Excellent food, best Korean barbecue in Dubai, staff are friendly, dipesh was good
17:31 04 Feb 24
Amir AbraveshAmir Abravesh
16:49 03 Feb 24
Joyce was an amazing waitress
14:24 03 Feb 24
Hisham AbdallahHisham Abdallah
14:16 03 Feb 24
Hasan and jouce were very friendly.Highly recommended for all you can eat!
yche domingoyche domingo
13:32 03 Feb 24
Tried here with my husband first time, and we were lucky to be served by Hsu who is very kind, smiling face, friendly and very soft spoken. Nothing special with their food, yet expensive, ambiance is good. Outside signage is written Korean restaurant, but i feel that it is not authentic Korean food. Need to improve in terms of price and ambiance..
siamak nayerisiamak nayeri
20:25 02 Feb 24
Good food good staff friendly and one of best staff is mr Dipesh & my first experience in Korean food and Korean resturant 🙏
Chavit Del RosarioChavit Del Rosario
19:08 02 Feb 24
They have a great food and very accommodating staff specially Dipesh..
Ivan SiasonIvan Siason
19:05 02 Feb 24
Dipesh is kind and very accomodating ๐Ÿ™‚
Marlon PalmaMarlon Palma
19:05 02 Feb 24
The place is amazing and the food is soo good. The staff are very accomodating especially Dipesh. He is really nice and friendly. Amazing experience
Ahmed MontaserAhmed Montaser
18:35 02 Feb 24
Thanks Joyce for the great service, delicious food and meat!!
Jasmin SensanoJasmin Sensano
07:03 02 Feb 24
Maureen PidlaoanMaureen Pidlaoan
21:38 01 Feb 24
Excellent food and excellent service brought by Joyce and Dipesh and the whole staff. We had a great time. Absolutely we will go back ❤️
Black RosesBlack Roses
20:07 01 Feb 24
To be honest, this is my first time at this restaurant, and I loved the place and their food, and I couldn't recommend it and give it a rating of 10/10.
Gulyamova ZukhraGulyamova Zukhra
20:02 01 Feb 24
This is my second time in this restaurant. Very polite staff and very tasty food. The shrimp are very fresh, the meat is soft.. Additionally they provide various salads and sauces.
Good! Dipesh is very nice waiter.👍👍
Mishi Ja Tu AungMishi Ja Tu Aung
19:57 31 Jan 24
Hsuโ€™s and Raffy good service .
Patricia RafananPatricia Rafanan
18:14 31 Jan 24
Hsu โ€” thank you for the good service and very hospitable. Sheโ€™s always checking on us and always checking whatever we need.
Fernanda MatosFernanda Matos
16:42 31 Jan 24
Really good and affordable!
Remmus EiramRemmus Eiram
15:42 31 Jan 24
First time to eat here with my friends and we absolutely liked it! Delicious marinated beef and refillable side dishes is equals to a very happy girl 😊😊😊 Hsu, our attendant served as politely and diligently... Thanks Hsu! You made our night with your sweet smile 😁😁😁 Keep up the good food and service Mukbang Shows!!!
Yolanda YangYolanda Yang
15:10 31 Jan 24
very good experience for KoreanFood.Hsu
Girlie BinayugGirlie Binayug
19:15 30 Jan 24
Food is daebak!!! 😋 Raffy is very kind and accommodating! Will definitely come back. Kamsahamnida!!! 🫶
Kram CasemKram Casem
18:59 30 Jan 24
18:26 30 Jan 24
I enjoy the food and very good customer service, specially to Ms.Shu, she is polite and nice. Highly recomended.
Amal MansourAmal Mansour
17:25 30 Jan 24
Very good service staff specially Dipesh and jona 💜💜
Arnold Orayle JrArnold Orayle Jr
17:21 30 Jan 24
Dipesh is a good waiter
Trisha Valerie ManibayTrisha Valerie Manibay
20:01 29 Jan 24
Service is good specially Hassan!!
Aisa Tanhaee (Aysa)Aisa Tanhaee (Aysa)
18:47 29 Jan 24
We ordered the 69aed all you can eat package per person. The food was great and the service we received from Dipesh was extraordinary.
Ava AjdariAva Ajdari
18:46 29 Jan 24
Fun experience , lots of help from Dipesh working there!
Diannee SaavedraDiannee Saavedra
17:55 29 Jan 24
I want to recommend all the staffs here because they are so accommodating specially Dipesh who gave us excellent service. The food is so tasty and delicious!!
fahad alzaabifahad alzaabi
17:08 29 Jan 24
Hasan AlAliHasan AlAli
20:55 28 Jan 24
When we finished the manager she said you cant take the uncooked meat with you otherwise you will be charged but we will give the food to someone outside!! . Last time I go there thanks
Mommy GreyzzieMommy Greyzzie
18:09 28 Jan 24
Thanks to Roxanne and Kim for the good service.
Subiksha RaviSubiksha Ravi
17:18 28 Jan 24
Great food, amazing ambiance and fantastic service by Joyce! Definitely a must try!
Rashid SaleemRashid Saleem
16:21 28 Jan 24
Everything was great, Hsu was our waitress and was very kind (specially with the kids) and quick to serve us.
Farah AzarineFarah Azarine
03:16 28 Jan 24
Really nice BBQ korean experience, the staff also so helpful
dolly garciadolly garcia
18:50 27 Jan 24
Hsu is very friendly, accommodating and a good waitress, the service was very fast
Henry Salise JrHenry Salise Jr
18:34 27 Jan 24
The service was excellent. The food server SHU was very good and always smiling. The food was so good. It was our first time but we'll definitely come back.
Pi-yo ReyesPi-yo Reyes
17:29 27 Jan 24
Everything was great especially the food. It is Satisfying!!!! Great customer service of the Korean/Chinese crew (Sorry didnโ€™t get her name) and Roxanne. Recommendable to friends and family.
Erica Lyn DayaoErica Lyn Dayao
17:03 27 Jan 24
Nice foodies
loved the food here, the waiter was pleasant and great serving! would come here again
19:37 26 Jan 24
Good staffServed by Hsu olivia and hasanReally kind respectfulWonderful timeI will definitely come backHad good immersion of the Korean cuisine
Sofia 22Sofia 22
18:55 26 Jan 24
Joyce is friendly and giving excellent customer service. Will come next time
18:52 26 Jan 24
Amazing service from Joyce
may thumay thu
18:52 26 Jan 24
Joyce have excellent services
John ManalastasJohn Manalastas
20:10 25 Jan 24
3 words! Quality, Professional, and Fun-filled!QUALITY FOODPROFESSION SERVICEFUN-FILLED CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.The only Korean (Mukbang) Resto in town! Thanks Sir Ariel and Dipesh for the warm welcome. Keep it up!PS - Bulgogi the best!!! 😍
Kym RufinKym Rufin
18:44 25 Jan 24
Its_ea 98Its_ea 98
18:25 25 Jan 24
Dipesh He is very hardworking and provides excellent service
Hezam AlawajeHezam Alawaje
17:55 25 Jan 24
Raffy gave really good service
renz dayrenz day
17:50 25 Jan 24
The experience is the best. Dipesh accomodated us so well.
Janelle SomeraJanelle Somera
19:28 24 Jan 24
Jona, Hsu, Rafiq, and Hasan are very accommodating. They respond to all our requests immediately. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
Carolyn RaguindinCarolyn Raguindin
19:22 24 Jan 24
We enjoyed our time! Thanks for the great service from Hsu, Rafiq, Jona, and Hasan they were all assistive and really friendly! Weโ€™ll be back again! ๐Ÿ™‚
John Paul LopezJohn Paul Lopez
18:05 24 Jan 24
Nice experience with amazing food. Ms. Olivia is very nice.
Parvathy MallikaParvathy Mallika
18:03 24 Jan 24
The staff was really helpful, especially Raffy
Ysabelle ObligacionYsabelle Obligacion
18:03 24 Jan 24
Sunam LamaSunam Lama
20:26 23 Jan 24
Foods really great and the service from dipesh was excellentThank you so much
Wida MaulidiWida Maulidi
17:36 23 Jan 24
Joyce was really helpful and the food is amazing!
Pavlo AnikeitsevPavlo Anikeitsev
17:35 23 Jan 24
It was a very enjoyable Korean food experience. Very good and kind staff. Our waiters Jona and Joyce were very helpful. I advise❤️
cheryl love lucioncheryl love lucion
17:33 23 Jan 24
Jona and Joyce is so hospitable which wrapped up the overall korean cuisine experience.
Janet NocheteJanet Nochete
17:11 23 Jan 24
We had a dinner here, served by a kind-hearted Dipesh. The food is superb, authentic Korean food with Korean ambiance. Love it..
Zahra MawjiZahra Mawji
20:52 22 Jan 24
Good value for money, the service lacked a bit of enthusiasm - but the food kinda made up for it being so good!!The Mango bingsu is a must try, easily shared between 2/3 people. 4 also with lower appetites.
Albert NyembAlbert Nyemb
20:08 22 Jan 24
Owais AbdulOwais Abdul
20:06 22 Jan 24
Amazing Service
Mark ReyesMark Reyes
18:28 22 Jan 24
Highly recommended the food was delicious and hassan and raffy give us a WONDERFUL service
Shella Mae EspirituShella Mae Espiritu
18:27 22 Jan 24
Special thanks very accommodating staff Hassan & Raffy, amazing service very attentive 💯
pervaizbaloch 0786pervaizbaloch 0786
06:03 22 Jan 24
Jayson MendozaJayson Mendoza
19:47 21 Jan 24
Our 2nd time here and still the best. Staffs are very accomodating, food are tasty and instagramable 😍 Credits to Hassan and raffy for their excellent service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Will go back again here for sure 💯
daio tongcodaio tongco
18:50 21 Jan 24
Kudos to raffy he is very accommodating,service was great. Happy for their service 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Reem KhalilReem Khalil
18:37 21 Jan 24
One of the best korean restaurants in dubaiI loved their food.Their offer is great and very good value for money
Oumayma LakhlifiOumayma Lakhlifi
18:22 21 Jan 24
The food was amazing and Joyce made us feel very welcome and looked after throughout the night 🤍 thank you!!
Evamor AdanEvamor Adan
07:12 21 Jan 24
Staff are friendly especially Roxanne who served us. Thank you.
I IceI Ice
20:40 20 Jan 24
Olivia and Hsu delivered exceptional service. Food is great, will surely comeback.
Thess MalicanaThess Malicana
19:46 20 Jan 24
Great and fast service. Especially to Hassan good service.
Jameela Abbas DalalJameela Abbas Dalal
19:28 20 Jan 24
Our waiter Dipesh, excellent service. Recommend us good food. Made sure we had a great time. Highly recommend eating here
Catherine ArdanCatherine Ardan
19:25 20 Jan 24
It's my first time here and the food is amazing!! The crew as well are good and friendly, specially Ms. Hsu!!Highly recommended!!
fares janahifares janahi
19:32 19 Jan 24
Great food, great service, Dipesh was very welcoming and a gave us a great service.Dipesh is the Mountain Everest of this restaurant !!Mr Saleem was Also very happy with his visit as the a Chairman in โ€œ1991 Saloonโ€.
Samer SlimSamer Slim
19:31 19 Jan 24
Dipesh is the Mount Everest of Mukbang, fantastic services!!
Alaa KazounAlaa Kazoun
19:29 19 Jan 24
Fantastic service. Dipesh and Olivia were excellent!
Bala JiBala Ji
19:14 19 Jan 24
The food and ambience was good.
Sowmya SreekantanSowmya Sreekantan
19:13 19 Jan 24
Good experience and thanks to Dipesh for the service and guidance
Tracy AmelieTracy Amelie
18:27 18 Jan 24
Wonderful service from Hsu. Amazing 👏Highly recommended
Cherelle AmoakoCherelle Amoako
18:24 18 Jan 24
Hsu, Rafi and Hassan, Joyce , Sunita ,Rox were all soooo amazing. Best service ever
Oumayma FarhaneOumayma Farhane
18:23 18 Jan 24
It was perfectVery good service by Raffy & Joyce
Andre DpdpAndre Dpdp
18:23 18 Jan 24
Very tasty and very good service. Hsu was amazing :)))
laxmi baraililaxmi baraili
18:14 18 Jan 24
Thank you Joyce for your service 😘
18:46 17 Jan 24