Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake)

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake)

39 AED

Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is known for their hameul jeon, or kimchi pancakes. Kimchi jeon is a dish made by soaking sliced kimchi in a batter of flour, eggs, and water. Once the kimchi is saturated, it is then pan-fried in oil until crispy. Other ingredients to make Kimchi Jeon are  scallions, onions  can be added to the pancake, but the kimchi is the star of the show. The hameul jeon at Mukbang Shows Restaurant is served with a soy dipping sauce and is a popular appetizer or main course. So if you're ever in Abu Dhabi, be sure to check out kimchi korean bbq at Mukbang Shows Restaurant for a taste of Kimchi Jeon and authentic Korean cuisine.

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