“Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood HotPot)”

"Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood Hot Pot)"
"Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood HotPot)"

"Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood HotPot)"

99 AED
Seafood hotpot Featured at Mukbang Shows Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is Haemul Jeongol seafood hotpot.  Haemul Jeongol  is a Korean seafood stew that created with a variety of seafood. Those include vegetables, and mushrooms. The stew sits in a boiling hot in a stone pot, and it is often eaten from the same pot.
Haemul Jeongol is derived from the word haemul, which means "seafood," and jeongol, which means "stew." The Haemul Jeongol has originated in the Joseon Dynasty. and it has been popular in Korea for centuries.
Haemul Jeongol Seafood hotpot is now gaining popularity in other parts of the world. This includes Abu Dhabi. Mukbang Shows restaurant in Abu Dhabi offers a traditional Korean version.  This version includes squid, shrimp, clams, and vegetables. The restaurant's Haemul Jeongol cooks over high heat. This is to bring out the flavors of the ingredients, and served with rice and kimchi on the side

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