Menu Section: Appitizers

Kimchi (Napa Cabbage Kimchi)

Kimchi (Napa Cabbage Kimchi)

Kimchi (Napa Cabbage Kimchi) 36 AED / 69 AED (500g/ 1000g) Kimchi is a delicious item on the menu at Mukbang Shows Restaurant. It is also included with our Unlimited BBQ Watching someone else eat food can be just as satisfying as eating it yourself, especially when that person is devouring a delicious kimchi dish …

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Calamari 32 AED Crispy and perfectly seasoned fried calamari If you’re looking for the fresh taste of the sea, look no further than Mukbang Shows Restaurant. You can’t get any more authentic than our crispy, perfectly seasoned fried calamari with lemon sauce. From Rhode Island to Korea, this is one of the most sought-after dishes …

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dynamite shrimp

Shrimp Dynamite

Shrimp Dynamite 30 AED It’s tough to face the day without a little shrimp dynamite. Wake up and seize your day with fresh fried tempura shrimp served with spicy sauce! The crispy outer layer gives way to succulent, juicy meat beneath—seals it all in flavor and keeps you going at 80mph. Try it with Korean …

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Gimbap (Seaweed Rice Rolls)

Gimbap (Seaweed Rice Rolls) 30 AED What is gimbap? Gimbap 김밥 is Korean food, consisting of cooked rice and other ingredients (meat, vegetables) rolled in dried seaweed. It’s often wrapped in sesame leaves. This is usually eaten with pickled radish, which has a pungent smell to it. If you’ve ever had sushi before, it’s similar …

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best tteobokki in abu dhabi


Tteobokki 42 AED The Best Tteobokki in Abu Dhabi is right here. Tteokbokki; or stir-fried rice cakes is delicious dish  that is a favorite among Koreans and everyone alone.  The best Tteokbokki Restaurant near me in Abu Dhabi Try with Steamed Eggs Or order online with Talabat

Kimchi Jeon

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake)

Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake) 39 AED Kimchi Jeon is a Korean dish that uses kimchi as the main ingredient. It’s made by frying dough in oil and then topping it with various ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, or meat. Kimchi Jeon has been around for hundreds of years and is still popular today. Eat in …

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Seafood Pancake

(Seafood Pancake) Haemul Pajeon

(Seafood Pancake) Haemul Pajeon 39 AED Seafood Pancake Deliciously savory seafood pancake perfect for any meal. Made with green onions, egg batter, wheat flour, and fresh seafood like squid or shrimp; these are great as a side dish or light meal. Enjoy the crisp outside shell and fluffy inside with every one of your favorite …

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